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The Indian Way

By Rahul, published on Jul 27, 2013

One of the many things we Indians are good at is in blaming others, we always get irritated by others actions and are never concerned about how ours transpire to them. We like to live in a state of self denial of our own mistakes and flaws, projecting ourselves as the perfect human with explicit ethics and view the word through that shaded outlook, ‘a proper man living in an improper world, working hard, even fighting to correct it’ how more pathetic can it be.

We live in a country run by politicians and the rich, according to whom we all are totally ignorant fools, we don’t know how... (more)

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The Fragility of Human Culture...

By Gregory John Smith, published on Dec 4, 2011

...connection between the older and younger generations? Are we really aware of our responsibilities?

So many questions, but only each of us, through our individual and collective behavior and attitude can provide the answers...

Through my recent cooperation with the Guarani Mbyá Indians, who tragically have lost many of the natural conditions that guaranteed the continuation of their significant traditions and way of life practiced through generations, I have learnt how important the consistent transmission of meaningful life values in a society can be and how we must strive... (more)

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