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Increase in the number of IVF clinics in India.

By Robert Simms, published on Aug 22, 2010

This is so wrong on oh, so many levels; it's difficult to know just where to begin.In India, home of 1.2 billion souls, in vitro fertilization clinics are now the latest craze, particularly for women 60 years old and older.India does not, apparently, place many - if any - restrictions on it's 550 registered in vitro fertilization clinics; it seems like anything goes. According to a Washington Post article, in the National Fertility Center in Hisar,Haryana India only 60% of the women impregnated at the clinic carried their pregnancies to full term.The article goes on to say that the clients... (more)

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Raise Our Taxes! Wait. What?

By Reza B, published on Mar 1, 2010

...royal jewels worth? Better yet, how much is Dubai worth? (Not as much as it used to be worth, but still, the Burj Khalifa is pretty pimp in a “hey look at my new gold teeth” kind of way). Even better than that, how much are the Tiger and the Dragon worth? That’s right, I’m talking about India and China—two Billion with a capital “B” and silent “schwa,” people sitting on some of the most rich and diverse natural resource reserves in the world. Here is my plan in all its simplistic yet sophisticatedly rich detail.

Step One: We quickly pull out of Iraq telling the... (more)

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Amnesty Slams Vedanta Resources

By survivalint, published on Feb 12, 2010

The report by Amnesty International exposes gross human rights violations committed by the company in Orissa, India. Vedanta plans to build a bauxite mine on a mountain sacred to the Dongria Kondh tribe, and has already built a refinery at the base of the hills. Amnesty concludes that, “[I]t is clear that Vedanta Resources and its subsidiaries… have failed to respect the human rights of the people of Lanjigarh and the Niyamgiri Hills.” They add, “The proposed bauxite mine … threatens the survival of a protected Indigenous community… However, these risks have been largely ignored and consultation... (more)

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Church of England to Sell Stake in Mining Company

By survivalint, published on Feb 11, 2010 divesting, and is just the latest in a string of PR disasters for the company. Activists have been lobbying the Church to divest from Vedanta for over a year.

Last year the FTSE 100 company was publicly rebuked by the British Government for failing to respect the human rights of India’s Dongria Kondh tribe, in a similarly unprecedented move. The government said that ‘a change in the company’s behaviour’ was ‘essential’.

Survival’s director Stephen Corry said today, ‘The Church’s unprecedented and very welcome decision sends a strong signal to... (more)

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Tribal People Appeal to Avatar Director James Cameron

By survivalint, published on Feb 11, 2010

Activists have appealed to Avatar director James Cameron on behalf of an Indian tribe through an ad in the film industry magazine Variety (published 8 February 2010).

In the ad Survival asks Mr Cameron to help the Dongria Kondh tribe of Orissa, India, whose story is uncannily similar to that of the Na’vi in Avatar.

The ad says:"Avatar is fantasy .. and real. The Dongria Kondh tribe in India are struggling to defend their land against a mining company hell-bent on destroying their sacred mountain. Please help the Dongria. We’ve watched your film – now watch ours: (more)

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Andaman Tribe Exterminated: Last Member Dies

By survivalint, published on Feb 4, 2010

...Having failed to “pacify” the tribes through violence, the British tried to “civilize” them by capturing many and keeping them in an “Andaman Home.” Of the 150 children born in the home, none lived beyond the age of two. The surviving Great Andamanese depend largely on the Indian government for food and shelter, and abuse of alcohol is rife. Boa Sr survived the Asian tsunami of December 2004, and told linguists, “We were all there when the earthquake came. The eldest told us ‘the Earth would part, don’t run away or move.' The elders told us, that’s how we... (more)

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India to Buy 145 US Howitzers

By Mritunjay, published on Jan 29, 2010

The Indian Army is all set to procure 145 US made howitzers in a direct government-to-government deal. The howitzers are 155mm light-weight which can be swiftly deployed in forward and inaccessible areas by helicopters and aircraft. The guns are fitted with laser inertial artillery pointing systems and other equipment.

The American Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified the US Congress of the decision made by the U.S. federal government. According to the Times of India, it also asserted that the sale will boost "interoperability" between Indian and American soldiers and... (more)

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Canada and India break 34 years of nuclear jinx

By Mritunjay, published on Nov 30, 2009

Canada, world's largest producer of uranium, has now become the eighth country which has reached a civil nuclear agreement with India, since the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) lifted a 34-year-old ban on India to join global nuclear trade in September 2008. The group members who have already signed the civil nuclear deal with India are the US, France, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Argentina and Namibia.

The deal was announced after the Canadian PM Stephen Harper and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh held talks on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)... (more)

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France: Pakistan not to get India-like civil nuclear pact

By Mritunjay, published on Nov 30, 2009

...had then not reacted to Qureshi's statement saying that such a move would need IAEA's nod. Now, the French authorities have made it official. President Sarkozy’s intitiative for a “strategic relationship” with Pakistan does not include a civil nuclear cooperation pact. A leading Indian newspaper, Times of India reported that dismissing all such claims made earlier by Qureshi, a top official of the French government told that any report to the contrary 'emanating from Pakistan was mere kite-flying'. ‘‘I can say that nothing like it is on the table. We would like to ensure ... (more)

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India: ULFA Blasts Kill 7, Injure 50

By Mritunjay, published on Nov 22, 2009

...inputs that the militant organization is likely to carry out violent activities prior to what ULFA calls the Protest Day on November 27. The banned militant organization observes the Protest Day to mark the launch of military operations on it and declaration of ULFA as banned outfit by the Indian government in 1991. ULFA is also looking to avenge the arrest of two of its senior leaders, self-styled foreign secretary Sasha Choudhury and finance secretary Chitrabon Hazarika.

Earlier this week ULFA militants blew up wagons of a tanker train carrying high-speed diesel (HSD) and... (more)

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