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Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants & Resident Aliens

By Shane Joseph, published on Dec 20, 2013

...incomes remain steady and recession-proof. The Internet is a mystery, another pesky thing that they need to stay away from for there is all that reputed scamming and pornography out there (unless one is into that kinda thing, heh, heh!).

Then there are those in the middle, the digital immigrants, who were born before the Internet but who matured during the period when cyberspace went from a mild pastime to a robust highway along which most information began to flow. Some of these people gave up desk jobs of pushing paper and started pushing buttons on their desktops instead. Some... (more)

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What I Learned from My Grandfather, Whom I Never Knew

By Tony G. Rocco, published on Oct 9, 2012

...him sitting crumpled and cynical in a lawn chair, wielding a cane at his grandkids as they ran in circles around him, muttering under his breath a mixture of bad English and his native Italian dialect. He was an immigrant from southern Italy and had spent his whole life around other Italian immigrants, so he had learned little English. By the age of 60, he was a cripple from a lifetime of working in a steel mill. When upright, he didn't so much walk as shuffle painfully, inches at a time, with the help of a cane. His legs were weak and arthritic.

Born in 1890 in a small Calabrian... (more)

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Enslaved in America

By Bessie Jewel, published on Oct 29, 2011

At the risk of offending the ancestors of immigrants brought to The New World against their will, I want to talk briefly about shackles. Not the iron kind that hang heavily around the wrist and cut the skin at the ankles. I'm referring to the new-fangled kind, the invisible ones that slowly wind around your throat making it difficult to speak and sometimes even breathe.

They come disguised as security blankets in the form of 401Ks, paid vacations, and (shudder) health insurance. Those who enslave us like to remind us that we're damned lucky to have a job at all these days, so take what... (more)

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The New

By Deacon DeVille, published on Aug 17, 2007

...used this escape route to evade the long arm of the law. Residents of the valley in Johnson County, Wyoming helped protect the outlaws. Today in the United States, there are at least thirty "Hole in the Wall" cities that offer special protection for another brand of outlaw, "Illegal immigrants." The mayors, officials and police of these cities help illegals evade Federal and State Law Enforcement. The recent murders in Newark, New Jersey can be attributed to that city's Illegal Immigrant Protection Policy. Other illegal immigrant safe havens include Detroit, San Francisco,... (more)

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