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Dream and Live

By Uttam Gill, published on Aug 24, 2012

... you. You forgot to forgot to laugh...even you forgot to cry…Yes, you have forgotten. What a great tragedy, you yourself don’t know that you have been robbed off... your best is stolen. In your sedated trance you are deceived and that’s not an end. With that alien in you, your identity is lost. In the spell of alien you are dead.

It is not over; let me say with absolute certainty that there are defining moments which spoils the game of alien. In our mind there are certain sacred and sweet memories which are etched forever and that can never be robbed. And these etched ... (more)

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Go Ahead...You Can Make Your Dreams Come True

By Uttam Gill, published on Jun 22, 2012


This is your life and living itself with your own term, contributes to your creation. You now have everything in you to take on the world. Now is the time to build your dreams…now is the time to realize dreams…now is the time to reinvent yourself and now is the time for you to say that yes, you can do it…And when you do this, remember, then you establish your own identity…An identity which recognizes you with strength.

You hold in you a tender soul and firm resolve and that’s enough for you to say that you can do it. Go ahead... you can make your dreams come true.


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Your Identity

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 20, 2012 and they prefer to live as failure. To them, who still hold a fire in his or her belly to unshackle from the entrenched deformity of thoughts; I say, they must look back into their lives. It is only by re-examining the life they would understand the dynamics of life better.

The God has given the power of reasoning to everybody. Thought which empowers you with positive feelings of love, affection, care, tolerance, and generosity that only would strengthen your existence.

In the given life you exist for reason and once that existence is empowered you get your identity.


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I drive, therefore I am.

By Skipper, published on Nov 4, 2011

...vehicle where others can watch. Lets be honest: our self-image feels different when driving with the top down on a Fiat Spyder, or when rumbling down the street behind a 380hp V8, or in front of a rattling 38hp air-cooled beetle engine.

In our culture, cars are costumes and our public identity changes depending on what we drive. You are perceived differently when driving a BMW and a VW bus, and I love to play with that. Some folks try to hide – think Nissan Sentra – while others shout “look at me”, which brings to mind the tricked out and lowered 1968 Volkswagen pickup I... (more)

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