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Challenges or Inspiration!

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jun 19, 2012

... in like into a goldfish bowl. In the past it has worked. We catch up a couple of times a week for a coffee a get together and to touch base with our sense of humor. We put the challenges into perspective and the inspiration needed to get our blood pumping. We may even be working on different ideas, even different businesses however the coffee a quick chat we clear our head and move ahead.

Today was just a day where we decided that we would give an idea a go that we have seen on the back burner. We are aiming at just putting an idea together, run it through facebook. Put a little ... (more)

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By Alex Petrovic, published on Jun 17, 2012

... angels. Investing Angels and with an idea we can always find the solution when the idea is so good. You have to realise that they have brains too. They have made their money and the thought that it was through someone investing in them that helped them at the time.

An idea, we have all ideas how we put them out and sell them is networking with like minded people to find your solution.

With some ideas, people will say I thought of that and it was a great success however you didn't take a step to try to put the idea out there. You sat on the idea and never put the first foot... (more)

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Unforgetable Logo!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 10, 2012

...own logo design and its website and examine is it exactly the same what they shown in portfolio. If they both look different from one another then it will be really suspicious. Thus, searching for another better online logo design company is a better option.

My secret will help you, googling images and working with a file of your favourite. Then going through these maybe through a photoshop to see what part of each image you really like. This will work for you for ideas with companies and help you decide on even a business name if you see or can make a catchy image or idea.


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An Idea Born

By TheGuysPerspective, published on Nov 25, 2009

... you reading this. So it got me thinking. How does an idea become more than an idea. I’m not talking about necessarily "tipping" and then going viral, I’m talking simply, how does an idea move from your head to the table?

So as I went through the process in my head, I realized that all ideas take the same path. That path I’d like to share with you now. Ten steps.

First: An idea is born. It could be the next coolest toy, or some gadget you could make better, or an idea to spruce up a relationship, or something so grand it revolutionizes how we think.

Second:... (more)

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