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9 Ways to Avoid Ice and Snow Related Injuries

By Katie Li, published on Jan 16, 2014

The winter season offers many beautiful sights that may draw you outside, but taking a scenic walk in the snow and ice presents some unique challenges. Take in the seasonal splendor safely with these handy tips for avoiding common ice and snow related injuries, and the accompanying trip to the urgent care.

Rock Those Shades

Sunglasses aren’t just a summer accessory. The glare from snow and ice is brutal. Always wear sunglasses when you’re outside during the day and you’ll find that it’s much easier to see and avoid potential hazards.

Wear Bold Accessories

White and black may look... (more)

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The Sound Of Sirens

By D. Sager, published on Jun 13, 2013

I woke with a sweat drenched pillow, the dreams that enthralled me were just out of reach but I could struggle and recall them if I didn't hesitant any longer and with that thought, I pulled back the sounds of voices, calling like the fine wind and string instruments of lyre and lute. The voices were right, wisdom echoed in their cadence as I found my ship drawn inextricably to their haunting direction. Have you ever smelled perfume? Not the cheap whorish variety that smelled like cotton candy but a subtle scent that lingered long after she left the room? That's how her voice seemed, a wafting... (more)

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Drugs send people to the streets? TAKe CoNTRoL

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 19, 2012

Who is in Control? The drugs or the police.

For my opinion working and living on the front line of drug worn warzone Kings Cross. The disgusting drug barons that lurch away hiding, with a girlfriend in toe is just a normal night in Kings Cross.

The Master as I put it, yet the drugs that go through his hands feed so many. Who is control? The Police that seem to have no control from the Master. The system, these drug barons have other drug dealers and users hiding them at every point through this drug empire that The Master has created.

The Master had started many years... (more)

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Drug addiction? Drugs affect so many.

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 14, 2012

...of what this person had seen Grandparents fighting throwing pickforks, hammers, verbal abuse and the threats to kill each other seemed to be so strong even 40 years on. This is the affect that the signs of fighting within the home have on children.

Have you a child on drugs? Have you noticed a bad attitude? Are you overpowering this person within your ability to disapline yes this is a sure sign that a child will rebel. It is not the drugs that have taken the persons self asteem or confidence away before the use of drugs. It is the history, the growing up years, the setting the... (more)

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Drugs must be legal, otherwise our goals should be full.

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 7, 2012

...abuse and use of a cocktail of drugs. The alcohol seems to be a thing of the past, yet for me a bottle of wine sends me flying. Many of the sex workers that stand along Darlinghurst Road look at there eyes, there skin, this paste look to the skin is a sign of a high drug user.

The police walk past these ladies of the night each night sometimes 4-5 times on patrol, yet why dont they lock them up for a day till the pain for the next hit comes and they will talk about where they get the drugs from. It is the source, yet this town Kings Cross seems to have a self professed King.... (more)

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