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Bargain Hunting, How Do You Do It?

By Scorpion Sting, published on May 9, 2013

Have you ever been looking on Craigslist for something, find it, and when you get there to pick it up you find something else you hope is for sale? I have run across this situation on more than one occasion in the past. When that happens it usually hurts my wallet because I wasn't prepared to spend anything extra. Anyway, I had been in contact with an older gentleman here in Houston in regards to some antique Singer sewing machines he had up for sale. He agreed to let me come have a look and see if I was still interested. I felt the price was a bit high because they were in exceptional bad... (more)

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Shooting a Hare

By Anastasia , published on Jan 22, 2013 incident that took place in the early summer of the previous year, just before my twenty-second birthday. The title is inspired by George Orwell’s essay Shooting an Elephant. I’m publishing it here in the wake of a discussion on animal welfare on another multi-author site. It’s about hunting, and it’s about killing, so if these subjects repel you please do not read any further. I apologise in advance if you find this upsetting but I make no apology for what I am, a sportswoman and a hunter.

I mentioned on the Treating Animals with Respect post that I shot a hare last... (more)

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Wife of a Hunter - Venison Lasagna

By Raine, published on Nov 11, 2011

Tonight we have company coming over so this is a great go to meal that can be prepared ahead of time. I like to use venison stealthly, and this recipe is a double score because it also stealthly involves vegetables. The venison is ground and I like to add just a touch of pork to it, about a 1:10 ratio. To give it more of an Italian sausage taste I mix in basil and oregano.

Venison Lasagna

1 lb Venison mix (see above)

1 box oven ready lasagna noodles

2 cans Fire Roasted tomatos

Oregano (fresh or jar)

basil (fresh or jar)

Garlic (diced)

... (more)

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Wife of a Hunter... Fresh Venison Steaks

By Raine, published on Nov 9, 2011

...soda (the fully leaded stuff, no diet here)

corse ground mustard


crushed garlic


Place the steaks in a large Freezer ziploc bag and add the soda. Let marininate for at least 2 hours. Toss out the marinade. Smear a light layer of mustard on the steaks. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Broil or grill until desired doneness. Remember that venison is low in fat so be sure to not overcook. Mix garlic with horseradish and serve on the side.

I will continue to post more venison recipes as hunting season continues.


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The Settler

By XanthusKidd, published on Jul 5, 2011

He's walking down a gray dirt road. Wagon ruts and horse hoof-prints can be seen marring the dirt. Mottled green and brown grass is growing in the center between the two worn ruts. The banks rise slightly about 3 feet on either side of the path as they slope off gently into the dark forest. The wooded floor is littered with pine needles and oddly shaped slabs of granite. Scraggly bushes grow in groups, fighting for life in their apparently ill-chosen abode. The trees are all starkly straight pine trees. Oddly enough, the branches come quite low; so low that visibility is less than 6 or 7 feet... (more)

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The Deer Hunter

By Drewdacker, published on Feb 5, 2010

An hour before twilight my Jeep rolls to a stop on an empty dirt road. The sudden absence of headlights causes the starlit sky to glow giving the dark trees a revealing background. I gather my things and walk along the shoulder, searching for the familiar path through the shrubs and seedlings and watching my breaths swirl before me. Before I leave the road in favor of the softer ground I give the stars a final, neck straining appraisal. Then I step lightly, heel to toe, through the grasses and leaves toward the formless trees in the distance.

In the pre-dawn hours the trees are quiet.... (more)

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