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I Am But a Man

By Frank - icare2be, published on Dec 5, 2010

I am but a man.Just a man, human still.I live and breathe.I do good and bad.Sometimes one more, Than the other.

For after all I am, but a man.On the average, not the mean.The good I do out weighs the bad,But then there are those days.

For after all I am, but a man.There are those days, glorious days.Or so I have been told.Of grand forgiveness and absolution.

For after all I am but a man.

This was writen reflecting on a particularly bad day I had. It was putting Humty Dumpty back together again. I was imperfect, but not all bad. Not unforgiveable, just imperfect.... (more)

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3 Please Stop Sayings

By Glenn T, published on Nov 22, 2010

One of the most glorious things about modern pop culture is the speed with which it generates new ideas and abandons old ones. Pop doesn’t last long because it’s not supposed to, and as a result, it is a genre of content populated by things that burn quickly and bright, suffusing our everyday life - welcome or not - and then running off as briskly as they arrive. This pleasing cycle of brain candy is just the sort of thing that keeps the brains of the ADD generations satiated and fuels the information appetite of a society spoiled by the endless flow of the information superhighway.... (more)

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A Woman's Prayer

By Frank - icare2be, published on Nov 17, 2010

Dear Lord, I pray for Wisdom to understand my man,Love to forgive him,Patience for his moods;Because Lord, if I pray for StrengthI'll beat him to death.

If not patience Lord A cheap, but successful barrister Specializing in spousal abuse And an understanding judge and jury.

If not wisdom Lord Let my mind be gone For since he is responsible To take care financially, If not personally.

Ahhh! Thank you Lord!I cannot express my heart-felt feelings. You delivered a solution unthought of. May the heat below provide his reward.


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Thinking of You!

By Frank - icare2be, published on Nov 17, 2010

I am thinking of you!

I think of you each month. No, more than that.

I think of you each week. No, No, more than that.

I think of you each day.No, No, more than that.

I think of you each morning As I wake,

And as I lay my head on the pillow. No, No, more than that.

I think of you with each breath I take.Now that is getting closer.

I think of you with each thought I have. Now that is exaggerating.

But I am definitely thinking of you!


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3 Facebook Fails

By Glenn T, published on Oct 6, 2010

At present, there are two kinds of people in this country: people who use social media, and the incontinent. The age (or otherwise) excused from reliable bladder control notwithstanding, first MySpace and now Facebook have become as ubiquitously a part of our life as cell phones, DVDs and, unfortunately, Justin Bieber. This development means that the same internet which originally purported to be able to connect us all, is finally doing just that. And once we finally ditched the glitter-gasm spam-fest that MySpace devolved into (and left it for the tweens, permanently "aspiring"... (more)

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3 Fall Fashion Faux-Pas

By Glenn T, published on Sep 9, 2010

To be honest, I wouldn’t know “fall fashion” from its other seasonal counterparts, except that when it gets colder, I tend to put more clothes on. That being said, it seems that no matter how much advice is offered on what not to wear these days (i.e. a Google search of “what not to wear” yielded approx. 726,000 results), there seem to be more and more examples of people who either got dressed in the dark or let their pets/pre-adolescent children choose their clothes. I recently had an occasion to be at a grocery store near the middle of the day and it looked like everyone there had... (more)

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Insane Quotes From The People Running The Store

By Paul Wylie, published on Sep 8, 2010

I thought to lighten the mood a little with a look at some of the most humorous things that I could find that were said by the people either elected to run our government, or those appointed in some capacity. (Yes, ok, ok, I had a bout of writer's block!) Some are dark. Some are funny, but none are boring and some should frighten you. Enjoy.

The minutes of a secret 1975 meeting of the National Security Council attended by President Ford reveal Henry Kissinger grumbling, "It is an act of insanity and national humiliation to have a law prohibiting the President from ordering assassination."... (more)

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Life Begins at 30

By BookLoveHer, published on Aug 18, 2010

I was devastated when I was divorced at 27. Little did I know that’s when I started living…I’m 31 now. I’d been tossed into a whirlwind of divorce, death, and drinking like a crazed red-head old woman clinging to her bottle of Scotch, smeared mascara and screaming how I hate WIRE HANGERS! I even picked up the nasty habit of smoking cigars. But on the flip side of that heinous period in my life, I drew closer to my life’s purpose and calling….my dharma (WRITING). I drew nearer to writing, tapped it, sharpened it, and began to get serious about making this a career. After all, no one... (more)

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Eight Lessons for the Unpublished

By cranelegs, published on Aug 14, 2010

... closely by a dozen rewrites/reedits, I started the literary agent query crusade.

I did my homework, as I’m sure you have all done. I bought all the must-have books and agency lists. I even found some fantastic query examples on the internet, one in particular demonstrating the merits of humor—something that always resonates with me. Each one pager was agonizingly engineered to open with a clever hook, which shrewdly segued into an assortment of wild, witty claims, sealing the deal with a silky smooth story summary that led into a lengthy, if not heartfelt, farewell. The queries... (more)

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Fear Itself

By alan handwerger, published on Jul 26, 2010

There are times when I think that I might accomplish great things were it not for him – Alan Handwerger, that is.

But you’re Alan Handwerger.

I’m not talking about that Alan Handwerger; the affable guy who has pledged to share with you the innermost workings of his heart and mind. I’m talking about the Alan Handwerger who haunts that Alan Handwerger, and sees to it that I never really, truly escape the confines of my box.

I’m talking about the Alan Handwerger who learned at his mother’s knee to be afraid of everything in the universe.


Well, most... (more)

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