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Beyond The Surface

By Randy Mitchell, published on Dec 14, 2012

When someone new comes into your life, do you use the time to really see them, or do you merely take what’s on the surface, give them their due, and move forward with whoever, and whatever else is included in your agenda? In other words, when was the last time you actually seized an opportunity to get to really know another human being? I ask this because in the fast-paced, super competitive world we live in; having healthy, supportive, emotional connections with others is becoming much rarer.

My last article discussed the new ways we communicate, and how all the electronic gizmos we... (more)

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Giving the Gift Of You

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jul 25, 2012

... my feelings because he’s a man of simple thought, who doesn’t care about money at this stage of life, who values flesh-and-blood interaction over all the texts and e-mails in the world. Sure, because of his age, he’s not exactly of the technology generation, but he represents the way human interaction used to be, and how it still should be among those we truly care about.

When I walked inside his residence, his eyes lit up. He was really happy to see me. Not just because of who I was, but also because of the obvious connection to my father. We talked, laughed (he has a legendary ... (more)

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