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A Discussion on the "5-3-1: Repurposing One Blog Technique"

By marketingonline 101, published on Jul 20, 2012

Alex Mandosian discusses ‘the 5-3-1: Repurposing of One Blog Post Technique.’ With this strategy, you are able to get more backlinks to your website, thus, increasing the amount of traffic to it. Here, you start with one blog post and then, you will go to three different blogs and write one authentic comment on each of those blogs that are relevant to the topic of your blog post. After that, you will share the information of your blog post on at least five microblogs or social media sites.

The One Blog Post

The one blog post is very easy to do. It could be a commentary blog post... (more)

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Marketing Online Community Heads on Family Integrations

By marketingonline 101, published on Jul 18, 2012

“The family is the basic unit of the society”.

Founder and owner of Alex Mandossian reiterated the innovation and developmental approach of his website to give importance to ‘Family-Centeredness’ whether it be in actual situations or in a full pledged online interaction. Mandossian added that extending family integrations in the internet media through a reliable website is a special feature that would help justify as the first and only online marketing site that promotes family centered entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, given the title,... (more)

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To be or not to Blog?

By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Jul 16, 2010

Well, dear readers, it seems the internet gods have deemed it necessary to bless me with a night uninterrupted from tweets, chirps, pokes, chats, favorites, follows, friends, profiles, posts, shares, statuses, stickies, stumbles, tumbles, grumbles, flickrs, stickers, and whatever we can say that rhymes with quicker.

Quicker- quicker than your little ten waving digits can possibly rally over the keyboard, faster than my piano scales after being popped in the butt with a steroid injection at the ER. Faster than this meat cleaver I call an excuse for a brain can comprehend…or keep up with.

... (more)

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