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Reality in Tears

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 18, 2010


And with it the pain I feel right now

I know there’s no alcohol in the house

Wish I had a bottle under my pillow

Or in my closet, where I normally drink

But tonight I’ll have to be sober

Deal with the pain

Accept the hurt

Why do I get my hopes up?

All I know is I love him

Respect him

And want to spend my life with him

But we don’t always get what we want

I need to grow up

Get over it

Pick my chin up

And wipe these sour tears from my eyes

No more tears will fall from my... (more)

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Hope for Peace in Africa's Great Lakes Region

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Apr 3, 2010

...who buy these blood minerals to stop doing so since this is endangering the lives of the local people in this part of the Congo. I believe they will not obey this, but they will be purchasing them in a way or another from some Congolese. It is only since the end of last year that some light of hope to recover peace started to kindle when Rwanda renewed diplomatic ties with Congo in reopening its Embassy in Kinshasa. The latter also did the same. Due to this people can hope the future will be fine. Next the presidents of these three countries met in Burundi for the first time in 2009 since... (more)

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The Pink Ribbon Of Hope

By taking off the mask, published on Feb 9, 2010

...a father

but sooner or later it's going to happen

because life is cruel

and cancer is bitter

it grabs those who we love most

and lowers them into their graves

I look down at my pink ribbon pin

support the cure for cancer

the ice cube finished melting

and my nose begins to run

my tongue instantly tastes the salt water

that just ran down my face

you can never understand the pain I feel

the hope I have

and the fear that haunts me

you can never understand

because you are not me


Tags: death, cancer, pin, hope

I Have My Spring With Me

By Uttam Gill, published on Sep 25, 2018

To me it appears, as if life is dancing… yes life is dancing for those who are in unrelenting mood to give up smile. Those who are not willing to smile, I beg them, to borrow smile with reasons…If they don’t have any, invent the reason….find the reason…Life cannot be wasted.

Umpteenth time the salacious moments transgressed into my life but I could always get through such turbulent phase. And now also, I know that, I don’t have to fasten my belt, I would tread through. No matter what happens, I know now that, I have the repertoire of experience and unfazed wish to take a course, which... (more)

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