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Ghost Too Cry

By Uttam Gill, published on Jan 7, 2013

Today the silence is not same, in pitch dark of night; she steps out from her house and head towards the banyan tree at the outskirt of his village. The barren path and above the glowing sky, she walks alone in the middle of night, with that she, establishes an infallible trilogy of mysterious co-existence. To onlooker, it may appear, weird but who can be out at this hour of the night; only this woman, who is out there; piercing darkness for the reasons, known to her only. In silence, she contests the reasons of silence and that’s how every night, she walks alone, to be at that banyan tree.... (more)

Tags: love, life, night, fear, ghost, hope, silence

I Am A Dreamer Of Dreams

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Dec 30, 2012

I am a dreamer of dreams and always will be...Yes, life can send them crashing into oblivion. My unfailing will finds the key to resurrect them; bringing them safely to a place of hope.

What is the difference between those who dream and those who do not? ...Is it a matter of perspective ? Or has God blessed the dreamer with infinite grace...

Those who dream are not lost to this world, but rather build a bridge to the next world. A place of believing, a place of surrender, a place which is a haven to any unknown burdens. This world is what is and what may breathes... (more)

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Inside Your Heart

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Dec 16, 2012

Take me to that hidden place in your heart

Deep within where sorrow lingers

The sun does not shine

Still in vastitude

Hope abides

Calling your name

Gently stroking your un-scared heart

Love keeping the embers burning

A pure flame gifted within....

In this clandestine abode

Where you retreat from

All worries, all troubles, all sadness

Let me lay bare myself

To open my soul to hold you

When the pain and weariness

Become too much

Let me transcend this and sit inside

This... (more)

Tags: love, life, faith, grace, hope, alone, comfort, lose, unfailing

Break Of Dawn

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 13, 2012

The beauty of the break of dawn

Touches my heart today

Giving birth to a soulful peace

Thanking My God

The universe for this blessing...

My vision drawn to the splendor reflected

In heavenly purple and pink hazes

I embrace this day

All the earth, the sky

The wonders created and gifted to us ...

I softly whisper "I love you"

"Thank you"

As I listen the justification

Vibrates in my soul

"I love you too" ...


Tags: love, peace, grace, hope, dawn, birth, eternal

Breath of Coals

By D. Sager, published on Nov 3, 2012


Breath of coals consumes the compliantly relented peace of multitudes

Leaping from dream to purpose and defiling with hungered presence

- "Come my enemy, give life to me by your hate"

A leprous char to remain in the abandon of slanderous consumption

The takers of hope are meant to be, giving life to survivor's dreams

- "Come my enemy, give life to me by your violence"

Cherished visions have no meaning unless colored with blackened attacks

Their worth determined by the crackling heckles of many jealous lovers

- "Come my enemy, give ... (more)

Tags: hate, violence, hope, dream, success, birth, abandon, adversity, enemy, coals, blackened, breath, consumption, defile, leprous, slanderous, survivor

You Will be Blessed

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 21, 2012

May you find yourself

Surrounded in more love

Than missing that which

Has not yet come

More hope than unknown wonder.

More joy than apprehension.

You will be blessed ...

Gift you with more words to say

All that needs to be spoken

More quietness of spirit

So you can hear your heartbeat

Knowing that all is well with your soul...

You will be blessed ...

In the silence of acceptance

You will find a spiritual

Gift that the noise and

Chaos of life will never

Steal and tarnish

... (more)

Tags: life, courage, faith, hope, joy, strength, blessings, abundance

Bridges of words

By Uttam Gill, published on Sep 12, 2012

...and broken pledges, I built bridges I was too busy to note that someone crossed the bridge I felt someone shuffled besides me someone unknown yet so familiar walked in The divine light seeped in to immerse me The one who was unknown is now familiar I see the magical moment of my existence In the light of my world I see sparkling hope Who is that, who crossed the bridge? Who is the one that may be? But surely the one, who made me smile. From the bridges of words my twin soul walked in In our twilight zone of dreams we see the resurgence of hope Entwined, we pray with hope -Uttam Gill


Tags: love, life, soul, hope, prayer, words, bridges

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Aug 30, 2012

In working with my clients I have seen so much pain and sorrow and I can not tell you how often I have cursed and asked this question. Why is it that such awful things happen to people? This in particular troubles me when it involves a child. Why is it that an innocent child is made to suffer?

Do we just live in a cruel world where there is no rhyme or reason? Is man innately good or evil? And why is it that some people have to suffer so much and others skate through life with a permanent smile on their faces ?

I know these are a hell of a lot of questions and I am unlikely... (more)

Tags: fear, hope, change, life struggle, evovling

Tomorrow Is Gone

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 28, 2012

Tomorrow Is GoneTomorrow is gone

Lost in a sea of forgotten


No longer holding

Truth or meaning...Ending with no chance

Of even beginning

Buried in so many false

Promises and illusions

Apparitions of lost dreams...Moving past and beyond

Not looking front nor back

Eyes closed to anything that

Tries to draw my attention

My heart emptied of caring...I walk on past this phantasm

Holding on to only proven reality

Devoid of perplexity or scripted

Words which bring only confusion

... (more)

Tags: life, courage, grace, hope, tomorrow, letting go


By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 19, 2012

Standing firmly on

the jagged edge of

stained boulder ...Contemplating the

eye of the storm

churn the mouth of oceanic neptunium

in front of me...I am like that

rain drenched



rising to touch the stars

I will not wait

for rainbows...

I will love the rain...

" A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightning."


Tags: life, rain, faith, hope, free

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