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5 Home Improvements That Really Pay Off

By Tina Fountain, published on Aug 27, 2012

Sellers in the Atlanta real estate market face some stiff competition today. To make their home stand out from the rest, some homeowners consider home improvement to increase home value. However, not all home projects are created equal to Atlanta real estate shoppers. We have five home improvements that could really pay off when it comes time to sell your house.• Landscaping – Your curb appeal is the first impression potential buyers have of your home. Replacing a dead lawn or investing in some attractive plants and flowers may go far in attracting more potential buyers. Professional landscaping... (more)

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Buy now, say most respondents to real estate market poll

By KaiserD, published on Mar 1, 2011

...when the poll was taken. 1,018 adults were in it. Just a year ago, this exact same poll of respondents had 72 percent thinking a buyer’s industry was happening. That was up from 1009 where it was 71 percent. The percentage of optimistic potential house buyers has dropped to 67 percent as home values keep declining. Several homebuyers want the prices to bottom out before they buy.

The great decline in home prices

In 2007, house prices began to drop as they'll continue to do through 2011. This year there were a record number of foreclosures shown by the real estate industry... (more)

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