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How to Improve Your Home’s Security

By Jessica Socheski, published on Mar 14, 2014

Even if you don’t have kids or expensive items in your home, everyone still has to worry about home security. However big or small, valuables and personal items are worth protecting. So, everyone should set aside some time and money to create a safe home that you can feel good about.

The subject matter is a little scary; after all, no one wants to image an emergency situation happening to them. But the process of upping your home security can be relatively painless. Here are some ideas to take your home security up a notch without doing anything to drastic.

Install a home security... (more)

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Home Security in 2014: Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe

By TedLevin, published on Feb 26, 2014

...disguised boxes which will not be recognized as treasure boxes. One such model is a clever box which fits inside a wall and looks like a electrical outlet on the outside.

5. Security Systems

Along with all of these safeguards, homeowners should also find an effective home security system. Advanced technology has enabled greater surveillance than ever before, and homeowners can even keep an eye on their houses virtually with the security website or app. Some systems allow you to turn off lights or lock doors remotely. Others have sight and sound human recognition to... (more)

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