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Hollywood's Trash, Society's Treasure

By Lila M., published on Feb 23, 2008

We’ve all heard the saying, “one person’s trash is another’s treasure…”, well apparently it has become just that. Hollywood’s trash has become society’s treasures. This is ever present in the case of the motley crew of rich celebutantes who have defaced and stripped the once glitzy and alluring city with all its class and wonderment and turned it into a cheap version of the Bunny Ranch which even Ron Jeremy wouldn’t dare touch.

Unfortunately, the new wave of brat pack known as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and the rest of this booze (and bodily fluid) stained crew have... (more)

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If We Get Bored, We'll Move To California...

By thermos62000, published on Feb 20, 2008

I moved to West Hollywood exactly a year ago, and so much has happened… Lindsey went to rehab. Paris chopped her hair off into a bob. The Intermix store opened on Robertson. Slash published his G ‘n’ R memoir, aptly titled “Slash.” Britney missed several depositions. Her sis, Jamie-Lynn became preggers. Fred Segal had a 90%-off sale. And it almost snowed. (Wait…that was somewhere else.)

Amidst the chaos, I’ve adjusted to LA, with all of its good and bad, but never boring, attributes. I’ve also absorbed a lot... (more)

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News About...award-winning Hip-hop Artist,

By dmysteryman, published on Feb 18, 2008

... Tickets $5.00.

2007 was a breakout year for LOOSE LOGIC, called “an up-and-coming rapper” (LOS ANGELES TIMES) as one of SoCal’s fastest-rising Hip-Hop artists. ‘Logic won “Best Hip-Hop/Urban Artist Of The Year” at the recent All Access Magazine Music Awards, November 3rd at Hollywood venue, The Knitting Factory. This comes on the heels of the rapper winning “Best Urban (Rap) Artist of the Year” at the 2007 Orange County Music Awards. The young musician is also chosen a “Top 100 Unsigned Artist” for 2007 by respected L.A.-based trade publication, MUSIC CONNECTION... (more)

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Why I Hate Hayden Christensen...

By Glenn T, published on Feb 17, 2008

...a fight between L. D. and the Snuggle teddy bear, I’d take the bear… in the first round and by knockout. His attempts at rage come across as petulance, and his attempts at romance look like the 15 year old greaseball trying to get lucky with your favorite niece. What worse, Hollywood (in an attempt to attract a larger female audience, perhaps?) keeps foisting these “Shiela”s onto me as leading men: James Marsden, Ryan Reynolds, and now, Hayden Christensen. Listen up, movie execs: I’M NOT BUYING. I don’t care how many Jessica Albas you package... (more)

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Top Dog

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Feb 17, 2008

...someone who is interested in your story. Someone who has faith and the balls to produce the work that I've created.

As I said in the past I've worked at several buildings along the Wilshire Corridor and my goal is to get my feature film some air time.

I've made contacts with the Hollywood elite and I pitched my script to several producers with top notch credits to their names. I went down the list starting with David Permut, who produced films such as Face/Off, Captain Ron, and his newest release Charlie Bartlett. He's a Top Dog in the business. Permut read my VALETS script... (more)

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Violence Shatters Valentine's Day

By Lady D, published on Feb 14, 2008

The bike lying in the street at the corner of Wilton Pl. and Clinton St. is not due to a car accident, it is due to a shooting of a young man.

At approximately 11:30am Valentines’ Day in Hollywood, police respond to a multiple shots fired call, and a dozen blocks are shut down by crime tape.

Captain Tom Brascia (Hollywood Division Patrol Commanding Officer) gave a statement at approximately 1:30pm.

“The investigation is a very preliminary stage, apparently there were two individuals on bikes and two on foot. One of the individuals that was on foot pulled... (more)

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The Return Of Derrick Ferguson's Movie Review Notebook

By DLFerguson, published on Feb 13, 2008

It turns out that the reports of Uncle Derrick’s tragic demise were greatly exaggerated, and now he returns with a note book full of witty, pithy, and insightful movie reviews- mining the glorious and inglorious from the Hollywood archives, so that you can maximize your viewing pleasure.Praise for DERRICK FERGUSON'S MOVIE REVIEW NOTEBOOK"Derrick puts many critics to shame with his reviews. Not only are they well written and entertaining, but Derrick Ferguson understands what movies are about. In his reviews, he reflects a true love for the medium of film, a love that many critics... (more)

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Hung Over Hollywood

By V, published on Feb 10, 2008

It’s surprising how well I was taking my starvation regime. At the dawn of day four, I wasn’t hungry, I’d managed to somewhat overcome my disgust for the saltwater solution and I’d really just begun to get my head around not eating any food. I was perky and responded to our maintenance guy’s query with, “I feel great actually. This is really not that bad. I think I will probably do this once a year. I’ll make it a new year thing.” The maintenance guy was dubious. He is more than aware of my food love. When I’d first started working at my... (more)

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Valentine Cynics: How To Deal

By KLiedle, published on Feb 8, 2008

...there could only be one explanation for that. In turn, my brain couldn't wrap itself around his ego. It was so big and bulbous and throbbing, I thought it might explode.

Then, there was the time that I went to lunch with this director at a dinky corner cafe at the base of the Hollywood Hills. I was young, new to Los Angeles, and relatively naïve. Evidently my aura screamed "fresh blood" for anyone even remotely paying attention. He was the type that would discard the entire Los Angeles Times except for the Calendar section, which he would then study intently-- as... (more)

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The Fine Line

By icanluvulongtime, published on Feb 5, 2008

...prayed for, despite those who protest otherwise. Insanity, genius and success aside, when did LA sell it’s soul, and to who?

These are the insane things that happen in my hometown that embarrass me to the point of pretending that there is a difference in the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, etc. but it’s all the same and we know it. Still, I return from exotic and amazing locations to call the city of Angels, my home. There is a reason why little girls across America don’t dream of growing up and moving to Iowa. They... (more)

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