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Rockin' On The Santa Monica Pier For Earth Day

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Apr 22, 2008

...for water.

Hanna the Mermaid and The Bag Monster spoked to the crowd about doing their part to protect our natural resources.

The pier was rockin’ all afternoon with music provided by Coby Brown and Eleven Eleven, The Frequency from Los Angeles and the School of Rock Hollywood All-Stars(see photo). These talented kids held their own against the more established bands on the bill. The kids took the adults on a musical journey of rock tunes from the past: “Highway Star” by Deep Purple, “Stone Cold Crazy” by Queen, “Stop” by... (more)

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Keep Your Pants On - Literally!

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 21, 2008 his hairy derriere, so who died and left you fools to think I’m interested in your Fruit of the Looms?

One of the stupidest applications of the “Leavenworth Proposition” I’ve seen to date happened to be in the latest issue of one of my wife’s Hollywood gossip rags. The magazine did a story on the Country Music Awards and I couldn’t believe it when I saw Snoopy-Doggie-Woodstock-Charlie-Brown-whatever-the-hell-his-name-is dressed in a cowboy hat vest and black jeans. Then after I looked at the photograph closer, I noticed that his... (more)

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Remembering The San Francisco Earthquake

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 19, 2008

...up to the government, it is up to the people if America is to be a great nation. When I began to read about people like Brad Pitt putting his money where his mouth is and actually going to New Orleans to help rebuild the city, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that there was anyone left in Hollywood who would actually stoop to manual labor to help another human being in need. Where the hell was George Clooney? Where was Jane Fonda? Where were Susan Sarandon and Timothy Robbins? At any given time all of these people have criticized the government for not helping the poor victims of New... (more)

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April Is Jazz Appreciation Month

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Apr 18, 2008

April Is Jazz Appreciation Month

Hollywood- JazzAmerica in conjunction with LACER, and The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation presented a superb program for Jazz Appreciation Month, April 13, at Catalina Bar & Grill.

I was in the company of a young and enthusiastic crowd for the hot afternoon of cool jazz. It felt great to be in an air-conditioned building during our recent heat wave.

Many of you know Richard Simon as a great bassist, comedian and an educator. We might have to add Master of Ceremonies to his resume. He was hilarious as he found a way to... (more)

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Iraq Movies: Why They Fail

By Chris Jones, published on Apr 14, 2008

...sentiments. When people go to the movies they're not looking to be preached to or indoctrinated by a hardcore left-wing agenda. They want to be entertained for 92 minutes and leaving the theater feeling good, or at least not leave feeling worse than when they went in.

Hollywood thinks the military is a bunch of country bumpkins turned war criminals who only joined the service to escape a miserable life of poverty and despair. I think John Kerry said it best when addressing a group of high school kids a year or so ago.

"Education -- if you make the most of it... (more)

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You Don't Know Bennie?

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Apr 11, 2008

... then Danny won the title... And Albert won the title... And Jaime Garza ran away from home and came to me. He wrote me letters but I paid no attention to him because he was just a young kid. So one day he turns up and he says he ran away from home and was going to stay with a friend in Hollywood, and wanted to know if I would manage him. I took him and made a champion out of him. Then I almost made a champion out of Oscar Muniz if he would've stuck with me. I had a title fight cut and dry for him... I know he would've won. So I would've had four champions.

Tell me... (more)

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What Will You Do When Broo Comes For You?

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 9, 2008

... to the next level. Ariel, the good guy and loyal founder that he is, started offering us paying gigs to run certain editorial departments within Broo.

In my dream, we move to So Cal one by one to become part of the Broo Crew. Ariel establishes a palatial office in L.A. (Beverly Hills of Hollywood -- see photo) and starts staffing his site almost immediately.

In my dream, I was the Entertainment Editor (with a weekly column called “Dick Confit.”); El G ran the Opinion Department; Jen & Tonic did Humor; Bill Friday was the Sports Editor; Traveling Seth gave us great San... (more)

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A Broo Deathmatch Champion For The Ages

By Glenn T, published on Apr 8, 2008

...tale of the tape isn’t much of a tale at all… this should be a beatdown by Friday. It really, really should.

Then I thought about looking at their worst rated articles: For El G, it was the second piece he ever wrote for the Broo; a caustic ode to the proverbial West Hollywood bartender. For Bill, a couple of pieces he wrote as a socially conscious homage to recently shorn Britney Spears garnered twin-worst ratings. I actually remember reading each of them, and gave them both 4-stars… which may speak more of my questionable judgment than it does of these ... (more)

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Radioactive Chickenheads: The Best Music Mutants Can Play

By Gary Schwind, published on Apr 7, 2008

... and roll, with fifteen percent organic ingredients. I guess for a carrot and a tomato, there aren’t a lot of other options?(Carrot Topp) I’ve tried to get job after job, but I really just can’t get hired anywhere. The only way I can get away with looking like this is going to Hollywood and being in a rock band. Nobody even looks at us when we walk down the street.I can imagine. They’ve probably seen stranger things.(Carrot Topp) People just treat us like everyone else over there. Everyone finds their niche.(Carrot Topp) In Orange County, people slow down their cars... (more)

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My 2008 National League Picks: The Mets: As Good As It Gets!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Mar 30, 2008

... to the pinnacle of the NL once more.

In the City of Angels, the Dodgers are looking forward to exiting Vero Beach as their Spring Training site and moving their camp to Arizona next year. Joe Torre is at the helm and ready to look good wearing Dodger Blue. But, unfortunately for the Hollywood Bums this team is full of more holes and question marks than they were last season. No one knows if Jason Schmidt will pitch effectively again. Juan Pierre is out-of-place and feels unwanted. And the team paid big bucks for Andruw Jones, who they hope can provide power. Sure, the team has... (more)

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