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I Love L A...

By Batman, published on Jun 19, 2008

I've lived here all my life, so, my opinion is probably biased. In fact, I was born in Hollywood, CA, USA probably the most famous suburb of Los Angeles there is. The thing I like about LA is that it's extremely diverse, or to put more simply, just plain big. Of course, this may be a function of the county as opposed to the city itself.

This may be a matter of perspective. I live about ten to fifteen minutes south of LAX depending on which lights I miss, in one of the beach towns. But when I tell someone I meet online where I live, I usually just say, "LA." Of course, their followup... (more)

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That's Jazz! At The Hollywood Bowl

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jun 18, 2008

That’s Jazz! At The Hollywood Bowl

Los Angeles-Every June, people of all ages are known to yell, shout or scream four letter words without fear of reprisal. They don’t have to worry about being politically correct and they sure won’t suffer the ire/consternation of others. Grads, Dads and Jazz!!! What were you thinking?

Celebrating 30 years of electrifying performances, magical moments and extraordinary music, Playboy once again presented a world class roster of talent at the 30th Anniversary Jazz Festival, Saturday, June 14th and Sunday, June 15th at the... (more)

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Yeow!!! @ Hollywood & Highland

By Kim, published on Jun 11, 2008

The evening breeze brought a chill to the crowd. It wasn't long before the temperature warmed up as the vocal chops of Barbara Morrison and her soulful ensemble began their performance to a packed house at the Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center Courtyard on June 3, 2008.

Helen Borgers from KJAZZ 88.1 FM Station was our gracious hostess for the evening.

Barbara, a Jazz and Blues musician with her band kicked off the season of the "The Wine and Jazz Summer series" with a smorgasbord of Jazz, Blues, Soul, endearing stories, and interaction with the crowd.

"I love being... (more)

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She's Hot, But Psycho?

By Lila M., published on Jun 3, 2008

... much needed attention. Psycho women always find some way to distort what they’ve heard, because again, they are crazy and have no perception of reality versus the cuckoo-land they live in. Malone himself was later quoted about the situation stating, “Misery loves company. This is a Hollywood soap opera, and I'm not going to be a star in another Bryant soap opera ”.

Then there was the constant chatter that goes on in sports rooms nationwide that Vanessa Bryant is one pro athlete wife to avoid outside the Laker locker room. Mainly due to the fact that she’s... (more)

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Coffee Shop Etiquette

By C. Reagan, published on May 13, 2008

When visiting a coffee shop or cafe, I always have an agenda. I may be meeting someone for a date, working on a brilliant short story or reading the latest Chuck Palahniuk novel! In Los Angeles, particularly West Hollywood, it seems down-right impossible to enjoy myself while sipping iced coffee or soy lattes for a myriad of reasons:

1. Why do you, Mr. Brooks Brothers suit and perfectly coiffed hair feel the need to order your drink and over-priced baked goods extremely loudly? Why do you have a Coffee Bean gift card in line at a Starbucks and why are you giving the poor soul behind... (more)

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Iron Man Soars Under Marvel's Control

By Crowbar, published on May 3, 2008

...the right decision. Iron Man is what a superhero movie is supposed to be: character first and action second. Comics are a two-dimensional story with pictures. The action never comes with special effects. It’s just another panel. It is the story that keeps fans buying issue after issue. Hollywood seems to forget that factor.

Next up for Marvel is the Incredible Hulk, and if you think this has anything to do with the last disappointment, know that it is a new tale, with a new direction, and for those of us in the know, consider it a follow up to Iron Man, (which Robert... (more)

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A Side Of Route 66 With My Omelet

By pleasurepalate, published on May 2, 2008 a glowing orange neon. That neon didn't hold my attention for long because once I looked up, I almost forgot why I came in there in the first place. Before my peepers was a colorful mural using famous personalities to depict the Route 66 starting in what I think was New York and ending in Hollywood. Along the way, there were images of Louis Armstrong, John Wayne and James Dean with Marilyn Monroe hugging him from behind as they were riding a motorcycle.Then I walked into the dining room to my left and painted on the side wall was another mural with a stylized painting of the restaurant... (more)

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What Is Colonics?

By Shannon Law, published on May 1, 2008

There’s a stigma attached to colon-related procedures in the medical field that dredge up uncomfortable thoughts about laxatives and tubular microscopes being inserted “up there.”

Thanks to Hollywood, colonics became a celebrity trend that is now endorsed by many holistic and conventional health care practitioners. Now, more than ever, we can start talking about colonics, a practice that is changing the way we think about our health.

So, what is colonics? Basically, colonics, often referred to also as colon hydrotherapy or colon irrigation, is the practice of removing waste and... (more)

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Ktla And Family Guy Announce Nintendo Wii Giveaway

By LA News, published on Apr 30, 2008, a world-dominating one-year-old, and a perverted neighbor, Family Guy demonstrates a combination of dysfunction and comedy in the ultimate sense.


KTLA/CW is a Tribune Broadcasting station that strives to connect with the Southern California community through reliable, award-winning news and compelling entertainment in standard and high definition. KTLA is the only television station to win an Academy Award and the only television with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For additional information about KTLA/CW please visit


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The Naked Cowboy, Fifteen Mind Blowing Minutes: Part 1

By Venditto, published on Apr 24, 2008

...the observation are one and all that kinda stuff. and it was basically being inspired by that and converting my life to that metaphor. Yeah.

(Note: His two books can be read entirely on his website. They're titled: "Supermodel- A Book by Naked Cowboy" and it's provocative sequel "Hollywood Bound- A Star in the Making".)


ME- I notice you're very... (more)

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