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Top Ten Outdoor Venues In Los Angeles

By Josh Marks, published on Aug 21, 2008

HOLLYWOOD BOWLAddress: 2301 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles Web: Phone: (323) 436-2827 An 86-year-old slap in the face to Hollywood’s historical amnesia, the Hollywood Bowl is a refreshing reminder that some things in this town can survive beyond the last pilot season. Since 1922, the Bowl at Bolton Canyon has been thrilling audiences under the stars as the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The nearly 18,000-seat amphitheatre has also hosted hundreds of musical events under the famous orchestra shell (the... (more)

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America's New Game: Fantasy Picks For Batman 3

By Crowbar, published on Aug 6, 2008

...heard it was going to be Johnny Depp as the Riddler.”

“Nah, Phillip Seymour Hoffman will be the Penguin.”

And, it begins.

The speculations and the rumors have already begun to shadow the next Batman sequel before we have already put The Dark Knight to bed. But is Hollywood ready to embrace the dark vision that is the heart of the Batman mythos or will it succumb to tired and true name brand recognition that had ruined the franchise in the past?

Sure, The Dark Knight was one of the best adaptations of the popular DC Comics character ever. Sure, the... (more)

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Father Figure

By V, published on Aug 5, 2008

...keeps him – current incident, PR commitments and press junkets aside –and others in his industry and of his caliber out of the flash bulbs of the paparazzi.

I work in a facility where I encounter many celebrities. You can rest assured that it is always the young, trashy, Hollywood kiddies who arrive to their appointments with multiple town cars in tow, armies of concert-like security, diva demands and all the pomp and fanfare of a mediaeval King. And you can rest assured that it was from one car, with one companion that a very composed Mr. Morgan Freeman slid... (more)

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By wolviela, published on Jul 28, 2008


Ms. Nair uses well named actors, such as Denzel Washington, Kal Penn, Tabu, Ifran Khanand now Johnny Depp.In Mississippi Masala Denzel Washington plays the leading man. Johnny Depp will be playing the main character in Shantaram. Unfortunately these movies are often over shaowed by the big "Hollywood" Industry types. These smaller independent films really bring out the acting ability to their best.

Brick Lane is also a story of an East Indian family, in London. Also based off of a book by Monica Ali. This discusses the life of the arranged marriage of a South Indian girl to a... (more)

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Customer Service Reaches New Lows As Prices Soar

By Heather Renee, published on Jul 25, 2008

...of some local retailers/restaurants in Southern California.

Do they really need your money?:

Osh Hardware Stores, A,T & T, in general, Kelly's Coffee and Fudge,Del Amo

Home Depot, Verizon, in general, Mc Donald's, in general

Starbucks, in general, Buca Di Beppo, Santa Monica , Macy's

Willing to Work for your money:

Griddle Cafe, Hollywood, Best Buy, El Segundo

Buca Di Beppo, Redondo Beach, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Redondo Beach

Apple Stores Trader Joe's, in general, Arby's, Redondo Beach

Something has to change.


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Before The Dawn

By Tyler Langness, published on Jul 22, 2008

The Hollywood hype machine makes it nearly impossible for anything to live up to inflated, lofty expectations in modern filmmaking. If internet, television, and print media coverage weren't enough, factor in legions of rabid fans when the event release is something of comic book caliber, and disappointment is almost a certainty. Look only so far as some of the more recent releases from major comic book labels and their studio partners - The Incredible Hulk, Superman Returns, Spider-Man 3 - and see that gargantuan efforts made to try and please everyone end up feeling hollow and falling... (more)

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Will This Joker Have The Last Laugh?

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 10, 2008

...know, to me, you can witness his talent, celebrate his talent within this movie. Anything else is gravy."

Superhero flicks usually are not the stuff Oscar dreams are made of. Yet Ledger delivered so far beyond anyone's expectations that he could end up as the second performer to win Hollywood's top honor after his death.

"He may be the first actor since Peter Finch. He may even win the damn thing," said Gary Oldman, who co-stars as noble cop Jim Gordon in "The Dark Knight," which hits theaters July 18.

Finch is the only person to win posthumously, earning the... (more)

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June Featured Contributor - V

By Digidave, published on Jul 8, 2008

...World – My other favorite. The world around us is one of my greatest loves. Politics – I’ll leave that to the ones smarter than me. Gossip – I don’t give a S*+! (unless it’s El G’s humorous venting after another wasted night at another pointless, Hollywood establishment). Science & Technology – I am grateful that folks are working away to find a cure for cancer and I love my laptop “Sweet Pea”, but that’s about all I know about that. Sports – ¿Qué? Opinion – We all have those! Travel... (more)

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Anime Expo 2008 From A Newbie View

By Delores Williams, published on Jul 7, 2008


So, knowing nothing about it, I proceeded into the world of Anime. The first things you notice are the costumes. People are dressed up as their favorite characters from the series they prefer, and then the other people are asking for pictures. If they had collected tips like they do in Hollywood, they would have cleaned up.

The Anime Expo was open 24 hours a day, which is something I have never seen before. What was there to do for all that time? Watch videos of course, sing karaoke, or dance. The exhibit hall, translation, giant store, and live events ended pretty much by... (more)

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Wall-e Fails To Entertain

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 4, 2008 earth to rebuilt WALL-E. And they all “live” happily ever after. Yeah, right.

The most disappointing aspect of this movie wasn’t that there was very limited dialogue. That was actually nice. What ruined the movie for me was the thinly veiled “Save the Planet” theme. Look Hollywood, I go to movies to be entertained not have your thumb-sucking, bong-smoking, Birkenstock-wearing , America-hating, chicken little the sky is falling, liberal agenda rammed down my throat. I almost felt like I was watching An Inconvenient Truth II: The Aftermath.

If you haven’t yet... (more)

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