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Heading to the Lively West

By Josh Marks, published on Dec 7, 2006

...of the liveliest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The pedestrian friendly streets are lined with Mediterranean-style buildings mixed with small businesses and national retailers. The bustling village is known as the most densely packed movie theatre district in the country and comes alive when Hollywood premieres take place at the Fox Village Theatre (945 Broxton Ave.; 310-208-5576) or across the street at Mann’s Bruin (948 Broxton Ave.; 310-208-8998). However, Westwood Village wasn’t always such a cozy neighborhood. Developed by the Janss family in the 1920s, the Westwood... (more)

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The Lion King at the Pantages in Hollywood

By Noa, published on Dec 6, 2006

Last night I went to see Broadway's award-winning best musical The Lion King, which is playing at the Pantages Theater on Hollywood and Vine until January 7th. This is the fourth musical I have been to but I must say it is by far the best. The most impressive things about it are the costumes and props. The creativity involved in making the animals come alive on stage was unbelievable! Far from the classic personification of animals in Cats, where actors simply wear little ears and makeup, the Lion King has revolutionized the creation of animal characters. The production uses many different... (more)

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Look at me

By Ariel, published on Dec 1, 2006

... very intelligent movie wisely depicting human behavior and our flaws. One of the main topics of the movie is the influence of our image in our relationships to others; definitely something to think about in our often shallow city of Los Angeles. This movie can be rented from Blockbuster or Hollywood Video and is a great alternative to the latest blockbusters if, like me, you disagree with the fact that a naked fat guy wrestling with another naked guy makes for a good movie. 'Look at Me' won the "Best Screenplay" award at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. The couple Bacri/Jaoui also... (more)

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The Art of

By maceo manhattan, published on Dec 1, 2006

... have been affiliated with the nightlife scene for five years now. Believe or not I have managed to never due drugs and avoid drinking 99.9% percent of the time. I will save that story for another time. So lets explore the club business for a moment. What are the elements involved in making a Hollywood club successful: 1) Shareholders 2) Promoters 3) Drug Dealers 4) Police Officer/NARCO (on and off duty) 5) Models and affiliated pretty people and 6) Celebrities. Basically, a restaurant entrepreneur will seek out investors from all walks of life. These investors usually begin and end with a ... (more)

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Home for the Holidays?

By C. Reagan, published on Nov 28, 2006

...brimming with holiday cheer. A tear comes to my eye when I think of my "mixed family" celebrating without me in Woodriver, Illinois, where the smog from the local industrial plants make the sky glow like beautiful northern lights. Sigh. Truthfully, I will celebrate Christmas here in West Hollywood. I will charge an un-naturally green, fake tree at Target. My roommate will get half priced decorations from Urban Outfitters. (Employee Discount) We will spend a day with a bottle of Grand Marnier and shot glasses, gaily decorating our apartment and singing along to holiday classics from the ... (more)

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AIDS in Black- Heroes in the Struggle

By G'Bre, published on Nov 22, 2006

The Black AIDS Institute held its 6th Annual “Heroes in the Struggle” gala on Thursday, November 16th at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood. The night began with a reception and silent auction, with the requisite food, drink and mingling. It was a festive and energetic scene and the atmosphere became even more juiced with the pre-show entertainment that included TC Carson (of “Living Single” fame), Yvette Cason (who will be in the upcoming film version of “Dreamgirls”) and Cheryl Lynn. Cheryl Lynn, the headliner, got the crowd lathered up by performing “If This World... (more)

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The Superficial Male: Bionic Biceps Meet Personified Pectorals

By maceo manhattan, published on Nov 21, 2006

... having fun and getting results. My biceps, pectorals, my behind, and my body are forever indebted to my soul and its quest for creative by way of music and dance. Dancing away to jazz and hip hop quenched my sole and was a great source of cardio. Even when I was in least soulful of place in Hollywood, I was always able to find the inner soul to dance and to get hooked automatically. As a result, I have a whole new vision of fitness inside and out. As a result of getting closer to me on the inside I was able to take health to a different level as well. Other changes include less protein ... (more)

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Myspace: outer space, out of place, or in taste?

By maceo manhattan, published on Nov 20, 2006

...It is almost impossible to steer your ship to a different webpage without shaking it like an orange juice container with pulp on the bottom. There are some cool things about myspace. For people like me who are insecure and like attention, you can make friends faster than at an AA meeting in Hollywood. The friend request is definitely a trip to master. I thought I was popular with my “Borat” knock off website and its 136 "friends", only to discover that a guy in Ohio with twelve tattoos and three piercings has 13,600 "friends". So what do you do with all these friends? Well if ... (more)

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Paper Thin

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 16, 2006

... will start to pile up somewhere and wait until the time comes when the sight of the pile becomes more than the homeowner can bear. As the process of sorting the magazines begins, it becomes very difficult to not peruse the magazines with eye catching cover titles. The cover of one particular Hollywood magazine screamed the headline, “Too Thin?” The cover featured photographs of Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie, both of whom have shed enough weight that between the two of them, they couldn’t activate the pressure switch on the automatic door at Safeway! In terms of who... (more)

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A Place Called the Bla-Bla Café

By Jaci Rae, published on Nov 15, 2006

...The book A Place Called the Bla-Bla Café answers that question. When I was approached to review this book, something I don't often have time to do anymore, the title fascinated me. A Place Called the Bla-Bla Café sounded like a mystery thriller that had the essence of old time Hollywood intrigue. Once I was given a brief outline of what was inside the book, I was captivated and I knew I had to review this book. Being in the music industry myself, I was ashamed to say I had never heard of The Bla-Bla Café so I set to learn about it by reading this book. I can say... (more)

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