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"Everyone loves a bright white smile"

By Matt Weston, published on Jan 17, 2007

The Hollywood lawyer. The Valley girl. The Sunset Strip debutard. Add to that list: the SoCal dentist. While the others may seem untouchable, if you're free between 12-1pm, this one is a phone call away. I arrive to my first dentist appointment in Los Angeles twenty minutes late and out of breath. I am led to the examination chair and a nautical magazine is offered to me. I take it, appreciating the care with which my empty moments in the office are being filled. The dentist will be right with me. I am in good hands. To thank him, I will be smiling with clean, white teeth when he comes. My smile,... (more)

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The crying game

By Olina Stefansson, published on Jan 16, 2007

... generosity with out sounding phony. The acceptance speech of the young actress America Ferrera who received the awards for Ugly Betty was strange to say the least. I wonder, is it not peculiar that she did feel the urge to somewhat excuse her existence because the impossible has happened in Hollywood. An average looking actress has landed a job. And not to mention the weird remark that she has now according to herself become a role model for ordinary girls with average looks who fill the majority of our society. She spoke like she recently joined the UN. I don't get it. The backstage... (more)

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You Ain't Seen a Trailer Park Like This

By drtydz, published on Jan 11, 2007 and currently in its 6th season on Showcase TV in Canada. What began independently in 1991 as writer/director Mike Clattenburg’s black & white faux-documentary on a couple of Canadian trailer park pet hitmen has grown, matured, and cured into a #1 comedy TV series and a Hollywood-influenced feature, minus the U.S. distributor. Respect is earned, and while I admit to being the first in line to cross-check a Canuck, steal their Loonies and drink their Molson Ice; I mighta had it wrong all along, eh (sorry, had to, there’s this rule in America. . .feel free to... (more)

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Movie Review: Pan's Labyrinth

By mattjosh, published on Jan 10, 2007

...hopes are fulfilled... The acting was superb across the board, without awkwardness or celebrity pre-association to hinder my enjoyment. It was incredibly refreshing to see a movie in which not a single face had been stolen from the cover of a tabloid. Of course, I speak from a regrettably Hollywood purview, and thus have no idea whether or not these actors are actually the finest and most famous in all of Spain. Still, it suits me just fine to go on thinking of them as wonderful nobodies. Pan's Labyrinth will delight you visually, defy your expectations, and disrupt you emotionally - ... (more)

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He's going the Distance: An Interview with Harry Perry

By V, published on Jan 9, 2007

...with Meatloaf and David Lanz and some other people. You know, some other people, but you'd know Meatloaf. He was cast the same time I was. And then when did you move to L.A.? What year? Right around that time about '73/ '74. And it was a friend of mine's idea, Craig. We were playing up in Hollywood on Hollywood Boulevard and he said, "Let's take the bus down to Venice." So you jumped on a bus down to Venice" Yeah, didn't have a car then. But that's another story. It's a long story, just that first day in Venice. It was with Craig. But Craig was an alcoholic, so I started coming down... (more)

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Unlucky Nicole Richie Calls In A Shaman

By Matt Hilton, published on Jan 7, 2007

...Richie recently hired the services of a shaman to get rid of her bad luck. Richie has told her friends that the string of bad luck, including her recent DUI, all came about after someone in her social circle put a hex on her.

Nicole paid $1,000 for a witch doctor to cleanse her home in Hollywood, and rid the spell on December 15th, as stated by Life & Style Magazine.

An insider tells the publication that a shaman chanted, danced and burned sage in every room of the star's home for two hours!

Nicole's run in with bad luck in 2006 includes her break up with fiance... (more)

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Attack of the Killer Sequel

By C. Reagan, published on Jan 3, 2007

It's safe to say that on an average day, you can observe at least five people working on a screenplay in or around West Hollywood without even trying. Usually, they are bent over a steaming mug of Joe, are clutching a highlighter like there is no tomorrow and are grimacing at the result of their 2oth re-write. Surprisingly, even with all these struggling writers clamoring for a piece of the marquee, 2007 is slated to be the "Year of the Sequel". You may be thinking, “Wait, wasn't 2006 chock full of sequels too?" Sure, we had "Pirates of the Caribbean 2", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning",... (more)

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The Storytelling of Pershing Square

By pleasurepalate, published on Dec 29, 2006

...the edge of the pool towards the corner of 6th street and Olive, you can walk along a jagged path of gray quartzite that by its appearance reminds us that we live above a series of earthquake faults. Parallel to the aqueducts, there is a path of scattered blue stars that brings to mind the Hollywood walk of fame, but look closer and you'll see the name of the stars written in Arabic. After the stars, and before the earthquake fault, there are miniature orange trees that speak to both the citrus groves that dot the California landscape as well as our strong citrus industry. As you... (more)

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God Gave Rock n Roll to Him

By V, published on Dec 19, 2006

It's 10:30 pm at the Hotel Cafe, tucked away down a back alley off Cahuenga in Hollywood. A back door opposite a concrete car park is being manned by an uncharacteristically approachable looking doorman. Inside, critically acclaimed, independent, Australian Singer/ Songwriter, Matt Ellis and his band are about to step on stage. It's such a dark, sexy, atmospheric room this one (the only thing thankfully missing is a smoke haze). The deep, wood-paneled walls arranged in that tasteful, art-deco fashion, floorboards underfoot and cast-iron, Moroccan, sculpted spheres - like jewelry hanging from the... (more)

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Nice to be Jerry Seinfeld...and His Racist Friend (If You Can Stand the Slime)

By Dr. Cecelia, J.D., published on Dec 11, 2006

...Seinfeld. Over three weeks ago, Michael Richards, who is "Kramer" on the TV juggernaut "Seinfeld," called for the murder of four African-American audience members for "interrupting a white man" (his terminology, check the tape), and chased them out of the Laugh Factory comedy club in West Hollywood with his vitriolic, humiliating, debasing, dehumanizing shouts at them of: "nigger...nigger...nigger."

When he learned of the public outcry and international indignation, Jerry Seinfeld did not reject or condemn Michael Richards, as he should have, but, instead, contemptuously chose to ... (more)

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