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Movie Stars: The Studio System

By KLiedle, published on Aug 25, 2007

The Hollywood studio system, which was especially influential during the 1920s and 1930s, is credited with producing some of the most legendary stars. In those early years, studios spent a considerable amount of money to help locate, establish, and groom potential stars. A typical studio in this era provided both training and coaching for its most promising recruits--almost always at its own expense. It was in 1935 when the talent scout profession first emerged on a large scale. That same year, Ladies Home Journal published the top ten places where talent scouts found potential stars. Places... (more)

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Movie Stars: How "The Star" Was Born

By KLiedle, published on Aug 22, 2007

...could now raise money based solely on the strength of a popular star's name. Movie-makers began boosting star appeal at any and every opportunity. This star system began in full force in the early 1920s after the initial appeal of early film stars began to take hold. Attractions such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Grauman's Chinese Theater were constructed to encourage fans to follow the careers of their favorite stars. Movie star status was, and still is, a feat that few in Hollywood ever achieved. At any given point in time, countless starlets were waiting in the wings for their... (more)

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Stars Removed from Hollywood's Walk of Fame

By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 10, 2007

It's another story of stoned celebrities going through rehab. Only these are real stars. Sixty-one stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles - including those of Charlton Heston, Cary Grant, Clark Gable and Frank Sinatra - have been removed and stored while a $500-million hotel-shopping-housing project is built on Vine Street near Hollywood Boulevard. “We pulled Heston’s star because of Soylent Green and Planet of the Apes,” said Official Academy Wannabe Richard Liss. “Cary Grant got the axe for Houseboat and Charade and Clark Gable was pulled because of Mogambo and To Please... (more)

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Trump, O'Reilly, Grace and Carlson get show on Fox News!

By Shawn Norris, published on Aug 10, 2007

Hell on Earth - Los Angeles Variety reports that Fox has green lit what many Hollywood insiders call “the most fantastic display of the degradation of western civilization and possible proof that humanity has bottomed out with this sycophantic spectacle of ego mongering and self promotion. “The Horsemen” will be round table of morally challenged personalities consisting of Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Nancy Grace, Bill O’Reilly, Carrot Top and of course The Dark Lord Satan. Nancy Grace actually grew out her horns and had her hooves polished just for the chance to get into the... (more)

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What's Going On With Britney Spears?

By Sheena B, published on Aug 2, 2007

...only been married for two years, estranged from her mother, who basically was by her side since she started her career and fired the manager who launched her career. From the incidents she been involved in, there’s a sense that maybe she’s crying out for help. She, like fellow Hollywood starlet that needs help, Lindsay Lohan, probably grew up in the spotlight way too fast without realizing the repercussions they might face in the long run. Although some occurrences displayed were truly horrible, such as having Sean Preston in her lap while driving, or even with the latest... (more)

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Here Comes the Neighborhood

By Tina Dupuy, published on Jul 31, 2007

...price tag and think, “I wonder what 500 square feet is in metric?” See, condos that used to be practical and affordable, like old jeans - suddenly are exclusively for the rich, like old jeans. It’s a part of revitalizing areas of the city that have fallen into a slump. Hollywood and Downtown have been seedy for decades. Now there is an effort make them grand again. Pardon their dust - its on the up and up. Because people moved out of these urban areas in the 1950’s for affordable homes and today high prices are just the thing to make them move back!... (more)

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The Saga Continues: Lohan's Says She's Innocent

By Sheena B, published on Jul 25, 2007 only fitting to ask will this be the end of her career. Although having publicity is good, especially since her new movie "I Know Who Killed Me" is set to premiere in theatres on Friday, having bad publicity is not the way to go to attract movie goers. There are so many issues with young Hollywood nowadays you can't help but to wonder who will be the next famous star to fall into the well of self-destruction. The actors and actresses who think it's okay to perform random acts of stpuidity on a regluar basis should get a reality check and figure out how to shape their image before they... (more)

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La Lohan Letdown

By rjlight, published on Jul 25, 2007

...and illegal possession of a controlled substance. She could face a possible six years in jail. With a scheduled appearance on the tonight show this evening to promote her new movie, it looks like Lohan’s choices are causing havoc on her career whether she get 6 years in jail or not. If Hollywood thinks thinks she's unreliable, Hollywood will stop calling. When Lindsay Lohan came out of rehab, I wanted it to last. I wanted her to stay clean. She even sported an alcohol bracelet supposedly to show everyone that she wasn't drinking even when she partied. Did she really think she could ... (more)

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No Respect From Bowl-goers?

By Evan Como, published on Jul 23, 2007

We have been to the Hollywood Bowl five times so far this summer. We're not even half-way through our schedule. If we could swing it with our schedules, I think we'd live there between June and October. If you have never been to the Bowl for a concert, you are missing the venue of all times. Sure, the parking is crappy (stacked and, mostly insane), but you cannot beat how beautiful the surroundings are. We've been relegated to the cheaper seats a few times and have gotten a chance to watch the dropping sun reflect off of the Hollywood sign and the Anson Ford theatre, across the 101. I think... (more)

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Reporter Applauded For Not Reporting Paris Hilton

By Sheena B, published on Jul 9, 2007

...Literally. Mika Brzezinski, a reporter for MSNBC's morning show "Morning Joe," demolished her copy of a story pertaining to Ms. Hilton being released from jail. The lighter incident was part comedy and part serious gesture that showed that people do not care about the many antics of "Young Hollywood." Many reporters and news outlets are quite ticked at the recent Hilton's stories, but of course in the society we live in today, the whereabouts of our favorite stars are what's hot in the news. To find out what Paris was eating in jail or what she wore after she was released was simply... (more)

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