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Diversity In Entertainment Becoming More Mainstream

By KLiedle, published on Sep 26, 2007

The minority report of entertainment today is starting to look up. With success from shows such as Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy, it finally appears that diversity’s gone, well, almost mainstream. This year, UCLA did a study titled, “Hollywood’s Race/Ethnicity and Gender-Based Casting: Prospects For A Title VII Lawsuit” that studied casting breakdowns posted on Breakdown Services, the entertainment industry’s primary source for casting, for a period of three months last year. According to the study, as reported in back in January, most (94%) of breakdowns specified... (more)

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Guitar Heaven in Playa Del Rey

By VeroniqueChevalier, published on Sep 20, 2007

...word of mouth), the rare chance to see the world's best guitarists from a distance of a scant few feet in a cozy space about the size of a large living room. From my first row seat, I was literally within five feet of the proceedings, (which is a far cry from my nosebleed seat I had at the Hollywood Bowl 20 years ago for the Romeros). Goh's offerings ranged from fusion/percussive in the title track, to Asian-tinged in the flamenco-ish "Things That Matter We Tend To Forget About." Two young men from the audience joined him onstage to accompany on palmas for a rousing pure Spanish flamenco ... (more)

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Be Cool : Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 20, 2007

...even mind so much. That’s because the movie lives up to it’s title. It’s more about being cool than anything else. The hint comes right at the beginning of the movie where former Miami loan shark turned movie producer Chili Palmer (John Travolta) is driving around Hollywood in his Mercedes with music promoter/producer Tommy Athens (James Woods) and Chili is complaining about the restrictions of the MPAA. Tommy asks for an example and Chili tells him that in order for a movie to get an R rating the f-word has to be used more than one time. Chili promptly says:... (more)

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What's A Doggie To Do?

By Limoge, published on Sep 19, 2007

Memo to: Hollywood Executives From: Murray the Schnauzer I’m writing to you Hollywood guys ‘cause I got a bone to pick with all of you . Now, I don’t mean to sound bitter but what’s a dog gotta do to get a decent job these days??! I did my research. Back in the day Rin Tin Tin was the go to guy. He starred in movies and TV shows and legend has it he could jump over 11 feet high and served in World War I (whadda show off!) Then there was Lassie. For like 40 years it was, “Lassie, help me I’m in a ditch” or “Lassie, save me I’m drowning”. The weird part... (more)

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Shoot 'Em Up

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 16, 2007 is tied into a dying Presidential candidate whose life can be saved only by the bone marrow of infants and his campaign is being bankrolled by a arms merchant you’d call me crazy. But it is what it is. SHOOT ‘EM UP is the kind of movie that John Woo used to make before Hollywood destroyed his talent. It’s a ‘movie’ movie if you know what I mean. It makes no pretensions at being realistic. It throws the most improbable characters, situations and plot twists at you and you either say; “What the hell, I’m having fun” or you say... (more)

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Google Street View now in Los Angeles

By Ariel, published on Sep 9, 2007

...quickly made public a number of pictures taken from Street View showing girls sunbathing in bikinis, men leaving strip clubs and other activities you would not necessarily want your mom/wife/grandmother to know of. Google has plans in the near future to add other U.S. cities to Street View, including Richmond, Phoenix, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Boston, Jacksonville, Philadelphia and Seattle. Rumor has it that by looking a little on Street View you can find a picture of El G and Gary Peterson leisurely sharing a cup of coffee in Hollywood. Can't wait to see that.


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Valet? Or Not To Valet?

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Sep 9, 2007

...appeared in America in the 1930's. It was offered in urban areas where parking was scarce such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Yet nowhere did valet parking flourish as well as it did in Los Angeles. Curb-side service quickly became the norm in the city of automobiles. Pictures of Hollywood elite tossing their keys to the friendly valet became an instant 'symbol of status' across the country. It paints a pretty picture doesn't it? It really does. But that's not the reality of valet parking nowadays. Let's dissect what was mentioned above shall we? Pictures of Hollywood elite... (more)

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Los Angeles Triathlon Tomorrow

By Ariel, published on Sep 8, 2007

The 8th Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon will start tomorrow at 6.45pm from Venice Beach. The event consists of a point-to-point course that starts with a swim in the ocean off Venice Beach, then bikes through Hollywood and into downtown finishing at STAPLES Center after completing a downtown run course. The start and finish lines are 24-miles apart. Needless to say this is not your Sunday morning jogging. The favorites for this 2007 Los Angeles Triathlon are the winners of the 2006 edition (slideshow ), Greg Bennett and Emma Snowsill, both from Australia. The total prize this year for... (more)

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'Scarface' Director Undermines War Effort in New Movie

By Chris Jones, published on Aug 31, 2007

I was disappointed to read that Hollywood director Brian De Palma’s latest work is a propaganda piece, highlighting the atrocities that a handful of U.S. soldiers committed in the Iraqi town of Mahmudiyah. It’s ironic that someone like De Palma who is best known for directing ‘Scarface’ and ‘The Untouchables’ would be an anti-war liberal, but definitely not surprising. At a time when our country and indeed Brian De Palma’s country is at war with radical Islam, it’s just a shame that he chose to do a film about U.S. soldiers raping and murdering an entire family in Iraq. He uses... (more)

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Alice in Bollyland...

By wolviela, published on Aug 25, 2007

Yes, that's right. Lewis Carroll's great novel, Alice in Wonderland, that we all read or watched as children, has now made its way to the Bollywood scene. For those of you who aren't in the know, that is India's Hollywood version of cinema. This Bollywood version is called called Paheliyan, The story of Alice. This was advertised on the morning news program that I watch while getting ready for work today. So just out of curiosity being a huge Bollywood fan, I decided to take myself over to the Ford Amphitheater and check it out. Paheliyan are riddles that never lose their magic according to... (more)

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