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A Family Dinner with Cities

By Digidave, published on Dec 10, 2007

...SF as a nurturing mother. If San Francisco is a drunk uncle - then New York is a distant cold father - Los Angeles is your bitch step-mother - and Miami is your cousin who struck it rich and retired early. I also like to find analogies between neighborhoods. For example: The Hollywood strip's closely relative is Times Square in New York. Venice beach in LA is, without a doubt, the younger and warmer brother of Coney Island. Berkeley in the Bay Area is cousins with Morning Side Heights in New York. And the Western Addition in SF is akin to Carol Gardens in... (more)

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Newport Beach Gypsy Fortune Tellers in Battle Royal

By Steven Lane, published on Dec 8, 2007

...title...."The Real Newport Beach Gypsy Fortune-Tellers." "Bravo, Bravo", exclaimed the Bravo Brass. Get Black Bob on the phone, implored the director of programming. Well, to my knowledge this meeting never took place but don't be surprised if you see it plastered across the pages of the Hollywood Press very soon. Let me rub my crystal ball and tell you why. It seems that two Gypsy clans are boxing it out for control over the lucrative business of fortune telling in sedate Newport Beach. The Stevens and Merino Clans have run numerous fortunetelling parlors in Southern California for ... (more)

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Dog from "Air Bud" films in steroid scandal

By Shawn Norris, published on Dec 6, 2007

... “Come on, they wanted bud to do all his own stunts. We had an agreement that it wouldn’t get out of hand, but when the money started rolling in and the pressure really started to build…well, let’s just say that shaking paws just doesn’t mean what is used to in Hollywood.” As a father of an entire puppy soccer team (footy for all who aren’t yanks) the question begs if Bud could have possibly tainted the entire canine professional soccer community? however, when questioned by reporters about his feelings on the alleged scandal Barry Bonds said he ... (more)

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You're Fired... Have a Nice Day

By D. E. Carson, published on Dec 2, 2007

Hollywood writers are on strike, and have been since Nov. 5. The general reaction should be, “yeah, so?” For the most part that seems to be the case. However, according to the Reuters News Service, Jay Leno all but promised his staff on The Tonight Show that they would not have to worry about their financial situation during the strike. Seems Leno forgot that he is just another employee of one of the largest companies in the world – General Electric, who owns NBC, and in turn owns The Tonight Show. NBC has sent letters to the non-writing staff of The Tonight Show and Late Night with... (more)

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Somaya Reece, Renaissance Woman

By Gary Schwind, published on Nov 23, 2007

...women and men from around the world who write to me telling me how glad they are I am not afraid to be me. I hold the curves down for the average woman. I was born this way and I cannot change that nor do I want to. There is a clear difference between being healthy and fitting a stereotype in Hollywood. I feel that more people relate to me because I am not your typical Hollywood girl. I hope to be the young voice in the world to STOP this madness. I really look up to Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Oprah and Jennifer Lopez for helping with break the mold of what is typical in Hollywood.... (more)

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Brian De Palma’s Redacted… another Fahrenheit 9/11

By Amo, published on Nov 20, 2007

...between his riveting 1989 Casualties of War and what is currently taking place in the Middle East. He chooses what “truths” he deems necessary, to portray further his own skewed agenda, and his “one size fits all” view of global conflict seems to be systemic of the Hollywood left. What troubles me most about this film aren’t the obvious gritty visuals of the heinous crime, but rather the underlined and continued distain that De Palma shows for our men and woman in uniform, so much so that he makes no effort at distinctions. In one scene a soldier... (more)

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Stupefying Parker-Hulme Murder Case

By LW, published on Nov 8, 2007 start from midnight until the early hours in the morning. Actually in their fantasy life was a sort of reflect of their reality and emotions. They had frequently met each other continuing to write and to play their fictional characters along with the dream of writing novels and going to Hollywood to realize the films of their novels. Moreover, the fantasy world that Pauline and Juliet had created and shared together was the "fourth world" that they thought they would go after the death. Approaching in the year 1953, one year after their unnatural relationship the two young girls wrote ... (more)

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The WGA Strike -- I Want Info

By Sherlynn Hicks, published on Nov 4, 2007

...WGA member created (written) product. As of this writing, the WGA's strike begins on Monday, November 5, 2007 at 12:01 a.m. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of those negotiations. If one cannot be a fly on the wall, below is a list of internet resources to peruse. Any others? WGA AMPTP SAG Teamster Local 399 Variety Hollywood Reporter Deadline Hollywood Daily Thompson on Hollywood United Hollywood Huffington Post Writer's Strike Opinion Page Extra time and attention paid to the comments sections can garner a wealth of opinion, information, and often bittersweet hilarity. (more)

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Sounding the hills with Jazz

By Kim, published on Nov 2, 2007

A musical retreat awaits seekers on a Jazz Journey at the "Jazz at the A Frame" high in the Hills of Hollywood, CA. The rejuvenating getaway highlighted Greg Poree, a versatile and moving Guitarist, Patrice Rushen - an incredibly innovative Pianist, Paul Cartwright - Jazz Violinist, David Leach - Percussionist, and Kenny Wild - Bassist. The musicans refreshed as well as set ablaze our spirits with splendid selections of Straight Ahead, mixed in Brazilian, then added acoustic flavors, brushed with the Blues and a classical piece turned on its revolutionary head with a jazz groove. "Bach Menuett... (more)

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Once Upon A Pole...

By thermos62000, published on Oct 19, 2007

This past Tuesday night, I took my first-ever pole dancing class at Crunch Fitness in West Hollywood. While I had taken my share of Cardio Striptease classes before, I’d never taken a hardcore, “swing-around-the-pole-in-your-platforms-and-panties”-class. This was that kind of class. Exhibitionism ruled, right down to the room we were in—an enormous space with two huge glass walls, conveniently surrounded by weight machines. Because of its location and composition, everyone outside of the class had the voyeuristic pleasure of watching our every stripper-esque move while they challenged... (more)

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