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Hungry Hollywood

By V, published on Feb 7, 2008

The bizarre maple syrup potion I’ve been swigging on all day instead of eating food seems to be mostly working it’s magic and keeping the hunger at bay. But the overwhelming smell of my Fiance’s Carne Burrito is giving me the illusion of hunger. It’s an illusion so strong that it is taking all of my character not to launch myself at him in a violent attack to retrieve even the tiniest morsel of succulent steak. I work with models. All day freakishly tall, thin and beautiful women surround me and I have been around it for years. To date, it hasn’t been of any detriment to my own self-esteem... (more)

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OB City

By icanluvulongtime, published on Oct 10, 2007

...and I will have a reason for not caring if it is enlarged, if you get my drift. (Maybe that's where the expression "I've got a massive chubby" came from?)

No, I have decided. I'm eating and drinking and I may even talk with my mouth full. On top of THAT -- I'm going to date Hollywood models while I eat. I don'tt like most of them so I am determined to embarrass them by eating every bite of all the food I order from Trader Vic's to Spago.

If I'm still hungry I'll say, "You mind if I finish that?" and I'™ll switch plates with her and eat everything on her plate and... (more)

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