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5 tips for choosing your next Cornwall campsite holiday

By Jason Hulott, published on May 29, 2014

Cornwall is a top spot in the UK for camping holidays, especially when you are planning a family summer break.

However, the success of your trip will come down to how well you plan it. So what exactly should you keep in mind in order to make your camping trip this summer one to remember?

1. Decide which type of campsite you want to stay in

The first thing to consider when deciding upon campsites in Cornwall is to know which type of holiday park you are looking for. Factors that you may want to consider include whether it is targeted at families, couples or large groups,... (more)

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Five Interesting Aspects of Bangkok Holidays

By Jayce Norman, published on Apr 12, 2014

...mind. Bangkok is such a fabulous destination. A thriving tourist destination for the tourists on the lower rung of the financial strata, Bangkok has lost none of its eastern allure over the years despite the incredible development of the city on modern architectural line. Tourists on Bangkok holidays can have at least five interesting aspects of the city to see.

1.Shopping: If you are into shopping, then you will find several large shopping malls during your holidays in Bangkok. For example, if you like to search for designer items, you can visit Siam Paragon, which is more ... (more)


The War on Christmas

By Paul Anthony, published on Nov 28, 2013

...association with Christianity. This is particularly so in an increasingly multicultural and religiously diversifying society. In recent decades, mention of the term Christmas has declined and been replaced with holiday. In addition, many retailers are asked to greet their customers with Happy Holidays or Season's Greetings rather than with the traditional Merry Christmas. This is becoming more apparent when studying responses from individuals using social media platforms to communicate with others. Quite obviously, the term holiday is at war with the word Christmas.

The problem for... (more)

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Happy Christmas to all, and to all a Goodnight

By Anastasia , published on Dec 21, 2012

Has a year really gone past? It seems no time at all since last Christmas. Time is relative, of course. I can still remember when the intervals between one festive season and another seemed like an eternity. Now the chariot of Chronos, the god of time, is speeding up, a sign, I take it, that I am getting older, now over a quarter century!

Christmas, Yule Tide, the Winter Solstice, call it what you will, I love the whole season. It’s the time when I am at my most reactionary, when my love for continuity, tradition and the past becomes strongest. It’s a time when Christian and Pagan unite... (more)

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The Spirit of Excess

By Anastasia , published on Dec 22, 2011

Christmas fast approaches. Here we are, now in the third week of December. I’m slightly worried; I’m concerned that another tradition may be dying: I’ve yet to see a press article bemoaning the ‘commercialisation’ of the festival, or hear some finger-wagging moralist droning on about how we have all forgotten the ‘true meaning’ of Christmas, meaning the Christian meaning!

There is no scriptural evidence for the date of Christ’s birth. December 25 was alighted on several centuries later because, by happy coincidence, it was a traditionally happy time in the Roman world, the height of... (more)

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I Swear Santa Never Had This Much Trouble!

By The Savvy Passenger, published on Nov 17, 2011

... Neely, 32, of Flint, Michigan, had concealed the parcels of pot within two Christmas-wrapped boxes inside his checked bags. Since the TSA officers who were scanning the luggage couldn’t make out what was inside the gift-wrapped boxes, by protocol, they were removed and unwrapped.

The holidays are important to the vast majority of us Americans, whether it is for Hanukkah, Kwanza, or Christmas. It’s perfectly fine to take off for your family’s, friends’ or favorite vacation destination fully prepared for gift exchanges…but if you are going to fly to get there, the TSA warns: ... (more)

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Holiday Travel: A Survivor's Guide

By The Savvy Passenger, published on Nov 3, 2011

... time of year already…

That’s what you try to tell yourself as the hair on the nape of your neck starts to rise. That knot in the pit of your stomach starts churning and you’re already wishing it was January 2nd!

Anyone who has had the “pleasure” of traveling during the holidays can empathize with those feelings. But with a little preparation and education, not only can it be survivable, but you can actually save a few years on your life with the reduction of stress that you will feel if you are properly equipped with the right knowledge!

So let’s start with ... (more)

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Glee Recap: A Very Glee Christmas

By The Tweeting Quill, published on Dec 10, 2010

Nothing makes singing acceptable quite like the holidays — well, at least McKinley High’s gleeks thought so. In this week’s episode of Glee, the gang tries to help raise funds for a charity by caroling inside the classrooms. This, however, was met with a hostile reception from the students and one really pissed off teacher.

Meanwhile, Sue (Jane Lynch) sabotages the Faculty’s “Secret Santa” by writing her name on all the papers. Unfortunately, Will (Matthew Morrison), Emma (Jayma Mays) and Coach Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones) already bought their presents when they learned about the scam.

... (more)

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Why can't Guys Buy Gifts?

By TheGuysPerspective, published on Jan 7, 2010 to do. He probably will comply even if he grumbles a bit. The more he’s involved the more he may change his behavior. Of course this is a five year plan, so take it a step at a time.

One word of warning. Relationships work with good communication and understanding. We don’t suggest making this a power struggle. Anytime you withhold “other” things it will only make matters worse. Guys don’t respond well to perceived threats. It just makes us more stubborn and boorish.

So start your plans soon. The holidays always come faster than you think.



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Magic is Everywhere

By TheGuysPerspective, published on Dec 16, 2009

...lives large in my kids as it does in most kids. Lucky for them. Believing in things we can’t see or touch is something adults have “unlearned.” Sure, many of us have spiritual or religious faith, but do we really believe in that which we have to actually imagine?

What makes the holidays so special besides the giving and receiving is the magic that surrounds it, embraces it, and brings it alive. Viewing this magic through my children is wonderful, but I want to believe it all myself.

A world with Santa, The Easter Bunny, Mickey Mouse, The Tooth Fairy and any other... (more)

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