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Hate Christmas? You Miss the Point

By Ely North, published on Dec 12, 2012


It’s unfounded. It’s supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but according to Biblical scholars, little baby Jesus popped out of the Virgin Mary’s holy hole in the springtime, not in December. Paganism. Early Christians aligned Christmas with a December pagan holiday to trick the dirty pagans into converting. Decorating trees, Santa Claus, and giving presents are heretical pagan traditions that have nothing to do with Jesus. Commercialization. Christmas is not about Christ. It’s a commercial holiday where people feel obligated to buy each other crap... (more)

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Christmas Currency: Cookies

By evidentlyblog, published on Dec 27, 2011

We're back from the distant lands of Portland/Vancouver and all the holiday hubbub. While it was a wonderful time away on many fronts, being back here at home is sort of a relief--especially in regards to sweets. It became apparent to me after observing my family and attending a few gatherings that Christmas cookies & sweets really are the "Currency of Christmas". (Tisk, tisk that you would ever enter another's home without bearing some currency.)

Apparently in normal households, multiple kinds of these baked goods are made and then placed in tins or on festive paper plates.... (more)

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Women Don't Always Get Roses On Feb. 14th

By Paul Wylie, published on Feb 14, 2011

A box of chocolates and a dozen bright red roses are pretty much what many a woman will receive today from their paramours around the country. Of course, nowadays, it's perfectly acceptable for a man to receive roses from a woman also. Some will be luckier than others, some will be all alone today, but despite that fact, they'll still be better off than millions upon millions of women the world over.

In Saudi Arabia today, they plan on hacking off a woman's head because they convicted her in a court of law, In A Court Of Law, of being a witch. This is not unusual for the Saudi nation.... (more)

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The Yule Tidal Wave

By Glenn T, published on Dec 23, 2009

...Colorado - and not wanting to check baggage full of presents, I do my last-minute shopping there, where it’s never much of a problem. But this year, I’m sticking around, enjoying the weather and avoiding the hassle of travel. To my horror, however, I realized far too late that last-minute holiday shopping in L.A. was going to be different, to save losing what little faith I had left in my fellow man and to rip what little Christmas spirit I had violently away from me just a few days before the big holiday.I’m not quite certain what it is about holiday shopping that generates this... (more)

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Gift Wine

By Bradford Pace, published on Dec 7, 2009

...winery of over 500 years history, and I offer my tasting notes:

Minty – but more “subtle herbs” reminiscent of Campari. When held to the light: golden fleece with a pure green tint. Clarified apple cider in the mouth. Very pure. Nice fatness but not utterly viscous. A light girding of minerality (the vines are planted in slate) and imperceptible acidity. ($30)

A beautiful example of German Riesling. You will be struck by the generosity. In this case, the winery’s history adds nothing but class. This holiday, gift wine (Stiftswein). As you enjoy, others will benefit.


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Sentinels Song of Peace

By Lumiere, published on Nov 20, 2009

...for a change in how we shop, in what we buy and in the responsibility that lies in our purchasing power. We cannot forget about the costs that are being paid to continue our modern way of life or forget about the lives of our soldiers who stand on shifting political sands as we go about our holiday season and plan celebrations for the upcoming New Year.

This Holiday Season change your lifestyle, challenge yourself to do something different:

Take the time to remember a soldier and send a care package overseas. Take the time to buy sustainable products this holiday season and... (more)

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