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The Steer's Pincushion Nose

By melanie jean juneau, published on Apr 14, 2013

Cows look dumb and lumber slowly but believe it or not, they are extremely curious. One day as a child, my sister,cousin and I sat on the edge of a stream to eat a picnic, realizing to late that a herd of cattle surrounded us on three sides to get a closer look at us. My heart was pounding as we gathered up our lunch, huddled closely together and facing the cattle, slowly edged away. I swear those steers followed us every step of the way, never taking their eyes off us. It was an eerie experience, the stuff of nightmares.

The old saying "curiosity killed the cat, should really say "... (more)

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A Comical Menagerie of Animals

By melanie jean juneau, published on Mar 20, 2013

Animals? You want to know what animals mean to us?

Well that question is an understatement on our hobby farm because we are surrounded by pets, farm and wild animals as well as nine kids all the time. Just try to even come in the front door without tripping over our huge, guard dog. Shadow is a humongous, drooling black lab mix, with overgrown feet and a clumsy personality. He was part of my children's lives for 13 years. This dog was the most quirky and annoying pet we have ever owned. He was also messy, bossy and slightly dense. His utterly hilarious behaviour would take an entire... (more)

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Comedy of Errors: Locked in With the CHICKENS

By melanie jean juneau, published on Feb 27, 2013

If mothers are the heart of the family, why was I not missed after spending four hours locked in the chicken coop?

I have always heard that the mother is the heart of the family, especially a stay at home mother with a crew of kids, who also helps with a hobby farm. So tell me, why was I not missed after spending three hours locked in the chicken coop? This is a funny story in hindsight. However, then, I was slightly upset. The fact that no one even noticed I wasn't in the house battered my ego. Now granted, by this time all the kids attended school but still...You must first understand... (more)

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A Journalist Interviews Our Family

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 14, 2012

Melanie Juneau's Juggling Act- Mother of nine reveals secret to her success, By Joanne Laucius, The Ottawa Citizen

Pairing socks for her nine children is no easy task, says Melanie Juneau.

You would think having nine children would turn you into a frazzled wreck with a figure like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and a brain gone to mush.

Not necessarily. Exhibit A: Visit Melanie Juneau's Pakenham-area farmhouse, where the mother of nine is serene in the eye of the hurricane as the winds revolve around her, the CEO of her chaotic domain.

More children are easier than less,... (more)

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Raccoons Blew The Transformer, The Dog Ate The Turkey ....

By melanie jean juneau, published on Sep 25, 2012

Just two months ago, my husband was gone for two weeks and a total of ten accidents and catastrophes occurred. All my kids are well aware of this pattern of disasters. As I complained dramatically to a friend one afternoon, disbelief flashed across her face. Katie, Rachel and Lucy all chimed in,

"No, really; it is true. Everything goes wrong as soon as my dad leaves!"

My children and I have ample evidence of our seemingly wild assertion. What follows is part of the disaster list from Michael's last absence:

1. A repairman red tagged our fuel tank which meant the... (more)

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