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A Heartwarming Story of Friendship: The Jesse Owens Story

By Coach Phatty, published on May 8, 2013

The 1936 Olympics was held in Berlin, Germany. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party had risen to power three years earlier and were already to spread their evil beliefs of racism and hate. Hitler believed that the “perfect” person was from an Aryan race…a blue-eyed, blond haired, the perfect physique without any blemishes or handicaps.

Hitler saw the Games as an opportunity to promote his government and ideals of racial supremacy to the world. The official Nazi party newspaper wrote in the strongest terms that Jews and Black people should not be allowed to participate in the Games. However,... (more)

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The Playing Fields of Eton

By Anastasia , published on Feb 1, 2012


There was one great conflict won on the playing fields of Eton, or rather by the discipline and training induced by the school’s officer corps, a far grander field of combat than Waterloo – the First World War no less. Yes, indeed; or it least it was according to Adolf Hitler.

Anthony Eden, then Foreign Secretary and himself an old Etonian, visited Hitler at Berchtesgaden in the months leading up to the partition of Czechoslovakia at Munich. Clearly war was on Hitler’s mind, particularly Germany’s defeat in the First World War. British victory was no... (more)

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Will The Word End Dec. 21st 2012?

By neil6, published on Nov 29, 2011 point to examples (and sometimes examples of age 24 and age 48 revolutions).Read Chapter Three of Life Cycles as I take famous historical figures and produce evidence. Look for yourselves at Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Winston Churchill, Hitler and JFK. I didn't comb through a list of dozens or hundreds to get these I just read one summary after another. That's right every single case I studied is in there. Think about it. Do you think it a mere coincidence that Alan Alda began the MASH series at 36 or Jerry Seinfeld began The... (more)

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Review: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

By Donna Brown, published on Sep 22, 2011

Book blurb: Since its publication five decades ago, William L. Shirer’s monumental study of Hitler’s empire has been widely acclaimed as the definitive record of the twentieth century’s blackest hours. A worldwide bestseller with millions of copies in print, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich offers an unparalleled and thrillingly told examination of how Adolf Hitler nearly succeeded in conquering the world.

Here, in a thoughtful new introduction for the fiftieth anniversary of its National Book Award win, Ron Rosenbaum, author of the much-admired Explaining Hitler, takes a fresh and... (more)

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Say No To Hitler Style Relationships

By Barkha Dhar, published on Aug 15, 2011

If anybody had to get a hindsight of who Hitler was as a leader and as a person, then learning about him through his sayings would be a flashback of terror. Most of his quotes on waging a war, leadership and governance, revolutions, and struggle are passionate, but also pugnacious. Hitler seemed to be a man defined by extremism and belligerence, which may have been a boon to the Nazi rule. As a leader, Hitler would be always remembered as a great warrior and an authoritarian for whom victory was a battle of conquest. However, most of us may know little about him as a person. Walter S. Zapotoczny’s... (more)

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Headline News

By Theresa H Hall, published on May 2, 2011

...spilled the beans, so to speak) I did not feel happy and elated. Just the opposite, I felt sad. Many people might question the reason for my saying this, and I shall explain it as best as I am able.

Lately, I have been forcing myself to confront and watch the PBS Specials about WWII, Hitler, the Nazi Party, and the horrors, which were carried out in the name of The Reich. I listened to incredibly heart-rending stories from survivors and of unspeakable atrocities of the past. I kept asking my husband why they kept showing these films, and making movies about this terrible and dark... (more)

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To Submit Meekly, Or To Exercise Your Rights

By Paul Wylie, published on Mar 21, 2011

...areas of groups planning to march, and arresting rally leaders pre-emtively. Arresting people before they have even done anything at all would smack of thought crimes, and those arrested are most likely the first thought criminals in the history of this country. Used by the likes of Stalin and Hitler, the methods once abhorred and anathema to everything this nation stood for, are now becoming common place, and seen as just the way things are by too many of our people.

Questions linger in the minds of many Americans as to the validity of a government run amok, a government no longer... (more)

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