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I Miss You Mama

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 8, 2012

... had never

Felt or known before Mama

Breathed new life into my

Hungry voided existence...

Sitting here a guardian

Of the past in remembrance

Cherished beyond any other

The answer to all my questions

The savior to my soul

A priceless heroine to

Life's pains and sorrows...

You live and grow

In every cell of my being

Forever transposed within

Every breath I breathe

Carried forward to bring

Never ending benevolence

Taught through you...

I honor you with my life

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Tags: missing, heroine, unconditional love, mama, cherished, key to my heart

Newer Archetypes in Modern Literature

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 2, 2012

When I went to writing school, not too long ago, there were sixteen hero archetypes, eight for men and eight for women. Let’s see if I can list them:Eight Hero Archetypes / Eight Heroine ArchetypesThe Chief / The BossThe Bad Boy / The SeductressThe Best Friend / The Spunky KidThe Charmer / The Free SpiritThe Lost Soul / The WaifThe Professor / The LibrarianThe Swashbuckler / The CrusaderThe Warrior / The Nurturer

I think we have to add some more from our present world. How about the following who have achieved heroic status or cult following: the serial killer,... (more)

Tags: hero, heroine, sixteen, archetypes, lost soul, master archetype, serial, eight

Book Review: Memory's Wake by Selina Fenech

By Wrp68, published on Dec 13, 2011

...romance, and page-turning excitement to keep even the most easily distracted teen captivated? Then look no further than Memory’s Wake by Selina Fenech.

Imagine being dropped into a strange world with nothing more than the clothes on your back. From the opening pages, this is our heroine’s reality as she finds herself in a land called Avall. Her body is bruised, she is confused about how she got there, and she cannot remember anything about her life, not even her own name. She meets a beautiful yet timid human named Eloryn who has the ability to cast magic spells.

... (more)

Tags: novel, book review, magic, fantasy, young adult, fairies, heroine, urban fantasy, dragon

Heroine Kicks the Bucket at 98 in London

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Aug 8, 2011

The world has known different people who marked history. Some of them are known to us and many more others remain unknown. Among those people range men as well as women. The courage of a heroine remains exceptional in some way. Women are still neglected throughout the world but history has proven that they are as intelligent, wise and helpful as men.

Nancy Wake (NW) is one of such women who marked history, not of the world but that of her country. During the World War II, heroine NW was a simple individual in France but her courage and devotion made her become famous; she was called... (more)

Tags: australian, female, heroine, kicks, bucket, in london.

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