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Nigeria Scam

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 4, 2012

...gang, the gang that pushes the drugs.

Allegedly the address and name I had in Nigeria was made out to be associated with USA. Allegedly, the money was picked up by two people ID should be available to these people to pick up the funds.

Allegedly under this scam, it pays for the heroin crop to be sent to the country I will believe is Australia. No links to any organised criminal gang for the payment of this drug heroin. The extortion I have had in Australia, Sydney is from an organised criminal gang which declare themselves bikies yet they ride no bikes.

The Nigeria... (more)

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Decriminalize drugs; stop the war on drugs and surrender!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 26, 2012

... look at the problems from the streets that are created. We must also look at the otherside why the Poppies are grown. The affect on the country, the affect for the income of the farmers and the economy in those some third world countries where poppies are grown.

From working beside the heroin addict, the shots seem to be limited. They don’t over indulge in the drug as the result is normally death. Therefore it is a drug that could be looked at in the form of injecting or smoking.

The heroin, is available within our community. Yet the drug busts we have seen in Sydney... (more)

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Drugs send people to the streets? TAKe CoNTRoL

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 19, 2012

...The Police that seem to have no control from the Master. The system, these drug barons have other drug dealers and users hiding them at every point through this drug empire that The Master has created.

The Master had started many years ago with a drug dealers of just a few. See the heroin was the problem back then, now the cocaine and the real problem the ice is running rampant. Yet the Master is forced to suck the glass pipe himself. Untouchable are the drugs for the real leaders of the drug world however it seems they all utilise this ice that passes through my part of the... (more)

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Drugs, what are they?

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 18, 2012

...until yesterday.

This mob had gained too much power, the drugs had been tampered with at each stage and for the drug user it was going to be a life and death situation. Whether they take the risk. The drugs today, I wasn't buying, tomorrow Ill be alright, just need a smoke of the heroin will do. A suck on the ice pipe will hold me over yet the drug of choice is the heroin shot. Cocaine will do Ill be doing the monkey dance. Party drug! Just got this feeling, Im hanging tonight. No funds, no drugs, no life.

20 years ago the shot of the heroin was the same price as... (more)

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Drug addiction? Drugs affect so many.

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 14, 2012

Last night, I interviewed a drug tormented person, who had lived for years on the streets. Wasting a life where miracles happen. Talented person yet this person has this hidden agenda where a spoon and a drug bag is not far away.

Our government has helped with drug houses, with many hours even years of therapy through which the drugs were left behind. Within a slight offering, the needle would come out as the interview progressed, this drug of nuisance for some and for the government had been feeding many a person to keep the illegal crime happening to support a business where the... (more)

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Drugs must be legal, otherwise our goals should be full.

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 7, 2012

...injecting room as they all pretend drugs are a normal part of life and society should change to accept it.

Kings Cross is one of our tourist destination for Australia, we need to be proud of the history, the vision we allow our tourist to see on a day to day basis. Not the screaming, the druggies hanging out, lets liberate Kings Cross and put the party back in this town.

Clean up the cocktails that the normal people of society don't take, the heroin, the cocaine, the ice and the g that flows through the hands of many in this Kings Cross district. Drugs are illegal!!!!!


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Like Heroin - Addicting Pleasure

By D. Sager, published on Feb 4, 2012

Your fire melts me, held in the spoon of your love Your hands draw pleasure deep, In a gentle push your seduction overcomes me Your touch brings me peace, like heroin in my soul Slight touch, sliding into my conscious will Deep warmth creeping into the void Gentle smiles invade empty rooms Your touch brings me sleep, like heroin in my mind I chase hand blazed trails with my eyes Hoping to breath in your essence Unnatural pleasure this thing you do Your touch is addicting, like heroin in my body

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