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Audie Murphy Petition Draws Major VIP Endorsements

By usmc_snco, published on Sep 22, 2013

...“unmanly” to show perceived weakness and speak about what was then only known as “shell-shock.”

In the years immediately following World War II, “shell-shock” was often associated with “cowardliness” or “physical weakness” but Murphy, while never glamorizing his own heroism, managed to parlay his international stardom and name recognition to his advantage and helped turn the tables on the stigma often associated with PTSD. He spoke candidly with the media about the emotional effects of the war and the nightmares associated with it.

In doing so, Audie... (more)

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The Real Hero

By Rahul, published on Apr 23, 2013

I do love super heroes; in fact I am a big fan of many like the man of steel, the dark night and the web slinger. Their costumes, style and never ending desire to help others are more than enough traits one expects from a super hero. More than a fictional character build as a protector of law and order; they represent or even remain as an idol for the true values of humanity that most of us are only capable of thinking. Can a human being be a super hero, not necessarily in muscle and style but in values, can one uplift the conserved minds in his society by his own life as an example. There... (more)

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Newer Archetypes in Modern Literature

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 2, 2012

When I went to writing school, not too long ago, there were sixteen hero archetypes, eight for men and eight for women. Let’s see if I can list them:Eight Hero Archetypes / Eight Heroine ArchetypesThe Chief / The BossThe Bad Boy / The SeductressThe Best Friend / The Spunky KidThe Charmer / The Free SpiritThe Lost Soul / The WaifThe Professor / The LibrarianThe Swashbuckler / The CrusaderThe Warrior / The Nurturer

I think we have to add some more from our present world. How about the following who have achieved heroic status or cult following: the serial killer,... (more)

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Home – where is it?

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 21, 2011

... as the world shrinks with globalization, as civil and climatic unrest displace populations, the concept of home is becoming a preoccupation for more people than just myself. I tried writing a novel about a man discovering home. The models I drew from were Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey in which the hero, Ulysses, leaves the island of Ithaca, has many adventures abroad, and returns to drive out the usurpers of his wife and throne, and builds his nest again. But this homecoming is contrary to my personal experiences. When I returned to my old island after a 21-year absence, I drove past the old... (more)

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