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What If?

By D. Sager, published on Jul 26, 2013

What if I discovered the reason I'm alive is to help you?

And without that help, my life is a waste, worthless crumpled paper blowing down an alley. What if the traps laid were my needs or an exploration of my feelings in an egocentric circle of lost opportunity?

What if I looked for ways I can help?

If I'm not here for you, then I must depart, this life has nothing to offer me alone. If there is no “we” on this earth, no family to belong to, no greater good to serve, then I will lay me down in peace and give up my breath. What if my dying breath were given for a resuscitation... (more)

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Light at the end o' the Tunnel

By Rahul, published on Mar 23, 2013

Anytime it feels like

can’t move on anymore

all hope is lost, or

there is no light at

the end of the tunnel.

Try helping someone,

someone random.

For it’s not what you get

but what you become that

matters in the end.

For if your thoughts define you,

then it’s your deeds that

build you slowly but surely.

And soon u will realise,

the light at the end o' the tunnel

was, all along within.


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Take fiber or suffer the consequences

By Lartinos, published on Mar 15, 2013

Many people have heard that fiber is good for you, but why exactly is fiber so good for dieting and overall health? Studies have shown fiber decreases body weight, can possibly extend life expectancy, and may even increase muscle mass. Fiber also helps regulate our bowel movements as well; That means it will help you whether you are either constipated or suffering from diarrhea, something that everyone must deal with at some point. Just knowing the benefits of fiber does not fix the problem of having a shortage of this important nutrient, we must plan ahead or there is an excellent... (more)

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Pulling Up The Ladder

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jun 27, 2012

Are you successful in your career, home life, love life, and being in general? Were you always this way, or did you have circumstances and people which helped make you who you are?

No matter our positions in life, all of us have had others to help, nurture, support, and pay for our success along the road regardless of achievement. From giving birth to a child to our daily work as being loyal, caring, sympathetic, and encouraging to those we love, the devotion should never end on both sides of the equation. But, do we pull them along with us as we grow and surge forward, or conveniently... (more)

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“They Come and They Go”

By Caballero_69, published on Jul 24, 2011

We cannot force the sun to rise before it is time. We cannot expect pearls from those wallowing in slime. Life has a pattern and ebb and a flow. The bad days come upon us and just as soon go. To those who speak ill and snarl in your face Turn a deaf ear. Put them in their place.

If you try to find comfort from people who can’t or won’t give, You’ll be at their mercy as long as you live.

They care not for your sorrow; they feast on your pain. The sooner you dismiss them, the sooner you gain.

Make the best that you can of this time and know it will pass. They cannot... (more)

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Have You Moved on With Your Life? Haiti Hasn't.

By TonyBerkman, published on Jan 21, 2010

...state. Why feel? So much pain in our own lives? Really? We fail to let in real real horror and suffering. For many, we did the same in New Orleans. The Tsunami. We’ve been overexposed to tragedy. We’ve become numb. We focus on ourselves, and wonder why we aren’t happy. Help? Why?

We need to be shaken up. We need to step up and start to take action. We complain about where the world is headed. Yet we walk around in a comatose state. We fail to do the things we can that will make a difference. Then we blame others for the difficulties we see all around ... (more)

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