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By Coach Phatty, published on Jun 9, 2014

...poem dedicated to all of our “friends” who have left this earth to go to the “Great Beyond.”


I found a penny today

Just laying on the ground

But it’s not just a penny

This little coin I’ve found

Found pennies come from heaven

That’s what my Grandpa told me

He said, “Dog-Angels toss them down.”

Oh, how I loved that story

He said, “When a Dog-Angel misses you

He tosses a penny down,

Sometimes just to cheer you up

To make a smile out of your frown.”

So... (more)

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The Rescue Mission

By Jedo Kingsman, published on Mar 19, 2014

... of shock on his face. Indignant and unhappy, he muttered,"I thought you were going to save me!?!" God looked him squarely in the eye and said, "I sent a truck, a boat and finally a helicopter. What more did you expect me to do?"

Do you think that you are a good person? Good people go to Heaven, right? So what do you have to worry about... Why all this talk about Jesus Christ? He lived and died 2,000 years ago... what does that matter? Why do people still read the Bible... some dusty old book? They didn't have the internet back then... what did they know? And churches? Just a... (more)

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The Pursuit of Perfection and the Thrill of Victory!

By Jedo Kingsman, published on Feb 9, 2014

...While still in high school, I came across (and wrote a paper on) the writings of a French (first a Protestant, then agnostic, then Catholic) philosopher named Jacques Maritain who had the best explanation I had ever heard before or since. As I recall, his explanation was that we all long for Heaven, for God's reign, for perfection. When we get a glimpse of perfection in this damaged world, that deep and potent connection with everything we long for is made for a moment, then broken. In that moment of transcendent joy we weep with sadness as we begin to experience the inevitable loss of... (more)

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Are There Dogs in Heaven?

By Coach Phatty, published on Oct 24, 2013

...a very emotional, gut wrenching time in their life.

The following story was sent to me from my friend who experienced these feelings recently when they had to say good-bye to their little buddy. They used this story to comfort themselves during this rough time.

Are there dogs in Heaven? I don’t know…there probably will be. I it my hope that this little story will bring comfort to someone today.

An old man and his dog were walking down this dirt road with fences on both sides, they came to a gate in the fence and looked in. It was a nice grassy, woody area, just... (more)

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Silas on Heaven

By Coach Phatty, published on Jun 6, 2013

Whether you believe it or not, everyone has an opinion whether or not there is an afterlife and, if so, where it would be. Would it be in a type of paradise? heaven? In the form of someone else or an animal? Or do we just cease to exist? Regardless of what we might think, most people DO believe that there is a heaven...I know I do. One thing that I can say, is that I am pretty sure that everyone believes that their life is precious. But how would you think if you found out that your had a disease that was terminal and you were told that you only had a few months to live? Today's heart-touching... (more)

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Orthodox Man Auctions His Place in Heaven on Ebay

By TonyBerkman, published on Jun 2, 2013

Ari Mandel a 31 year old man with previous Orthodox Jewish beliefs, has been attempting to financially benefit by auctioneering his spot in heaven. He knows where he's going after this life, so Ari posted his "spot" on eBay and was able to receive a high bid of $100,000 prior to eBay pulling his auction.

Ari auctioned his spot this past Tuesday morning by promting it as “Portion in olam habaah (heaven in Jewish).” His auction received a heavenly response from many interested bidders. Bill Joel sings, "only the good die young" though no mention has been made of the average bidder... (more)

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Sweet-Smelling Symbols

By melanie jean juneau, published on May 22, 2013

...can smell the perfume of my flowers flowing through open windows, chasing away the stale air of winter. It seems to me that we traditionally surround the grieving with beauty in the form of flowers because they are living, sweet-smelling symbols of the beauty which surrounds their departed in heaven. Flowers soothe all of our senses and touch out inner spirits with a touch of heaven on earth.

Dating as far back as 1580 B.C., these flowers have long-held a role in ancient mythology. White lilies symbolize chastity and virtue. Of course they are the symbol of the Virgin Mary’s... (more)

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The Harboring Of Pedophiles

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 25, 2013

...set me off indirectly was some of his comments, some of what his written reply was to me and others, and for sure the post on his website. It all revolves around him thinking and using his interpretation of the bible to spread the “word”that god loves pedophiles and will accept them into heaven. What the fuck?

How can being a pedophile have anything to do with one’s sexual orientation? Is there anyone out there that can answer that question responsibly? A person who has sexual thoughts and/or behaviors towards a kid shouldn’t even be breathing in my book. Give them ... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jun 15, 2012

...with serenity Now and always It feels so perfect The ice in my heart has melted Surrendered to love's longing Surrounded by the madness I return to my nest content, safe Peacefully holding what matters Outside of this earthly realm I have in my vision a portal The entrance to a heavenly Perception of true existence Leaving false illusions Buried in lost time Returning to the core Floating, floating, floating Hovering, flickering, fluttering Dancing to the song Which lives in my soul Drifting away to my safe harbor Free from all life's impossibilities Giving... (more)

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Walking down the path of life!

By Betty B., published on Mar 12, 2012

Walking down the path of life I have fallen in a lot of strife I feel you near,so close to hear how am I gonna make it without your touch.

Walking down the path of life your so close in the sun and in the tree's how can I call out when stuff piles high in life?

Walking down the path of life so much sorrow now,I need Your voice so much darkness has swallowed me up.

Walking down the path of life why am I so far from the light?

Take me now Lord, take me now,

Walking down the path of life seeking you in all this pain taking it one step at a time calling out... (more)

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