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Stepping Up To Tell The Truth

By Lady D, published on Mar 14, 2009

...people left. These are people who value their people above profits.

Be as brave as Jon Stewart and speak the truth. We are not statistics we are people. We are not the bottom line, we are people.

If everyone would write your congress person and simply say We want the same healthcare we give you and if we don’t get it we will start camping on your lawn. I think that could happen quite easily given the amount of people out of work.

Lets get some ideas going people and not put up with this BS any longer.

You want change; well “We The... (more)

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International Women's Day

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Mar 9, 2009

...and sekeres. The group took the crowd on a musical journey into the foundations of traditional West African rhythms.

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics presented a slide show of International Women’s Day Posters to the delight of the crowd.

Jim Dawson from Healthcare for All led a discussion about the goal of Single-Payer, Universal Health. After a brief intermission, The Lefteous Sisters performed original tunes. Additional performers featured poetry by Imani Tolliver and Latrice Dixon, Gary Phillips-author, and Jazz with Mark Maxwell.

Beyond... (more)

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A Spending Orgy, Of Biblical Proportion

By Amo, published on Mar 2, 2009

... problem in penalizing those hard working American’s, while subsidizing illegal aliens, through massive entitlement programs that have been quietly kept from the American people, and I believe we have a right to know, how many of those 45 million “Americans” currently without healthcare are legal citizens of this country.

Astoundingly this president goes before congress and the nation and with a jaw dropping statement, announces that this massive spending orgy, is free of pork barrel spending, and that he will not raise “one dime” in taxes on 95% of... (more)

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Tavis Smiley Presents State Of The Black Union

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Mar 2, 2009

...of the events and what they have meant to communities all over the country.” The symposium was broadcast live to millions of viewers on C-SPAN.

The panel addressed current issue facing the African American community in an era of President Barack Obama. Education, unemployment, healthcare, financial well being, crime reduction and the justice system. The panel was all in agreement about the importance of citizens being actively involved in the political process at the local level and the need to hold elected officials accountable.

Van Jones, Founder and President of... (more)

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Academy Awards Hollywood Glamour At The Conga Room

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Feb 24, 2009

...Angeles. The Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science has provided quality college, graduate and post-graduate education and training to thousands of qualified minority and other students for more than 35 years. As part of its mission, the University has also provided urgently needed healthcare services to chronically underserved residents of the poorest communities in Los Angeles County, serving the 1.7 million citizens in its 94-square mile service area. If this service area were a municipality, it would be the fifth largest city in the U.S. The University has been remarkably... (more)

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Where Have All The Dollars Gone?

By Amo, published on Feb 1, 2009

...of massive government programs, none of which will immediately stimulate the economy, and wasn’t that the reason…to infuse money into the economy quickly, to stimulate job growth and investments?

There are hundreds of billions of dollars earmarked for environmental, healthcare, infrastructure, and the most troubling of all, the redistribution of federal funds to financially troubled states, whose governors have been either unable or unwilling to responsibly balance their budgets and manage their finances.

Astoundingly, almost 40% of this “stimulus... (more)

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Lunch With A Man (homeless)

By Lumiere, published on Jun 21, 2008

...was left alone to recover from his injury. The wounds on his body healed much faster than the wounds in his heart or the nightmares and flashbacks in his head. In order to cope, the doctors gave Danie meth and he was hooked. His benefits began to run out and unable to continue to pay for his healthcare and medication, Danie's military buddy turned him onto the new 'rich persons drug' during the seventies, cocaine. Once cocaine ran it's course, crack became the new drug of choice. Strung out, addicted and financially disabled, unable to comprehend lifes responsibilities; the bills began to... (more)

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4,000 And Counting...

By Lila M., published on Mar 26, 2008

...If that’s not a red flag pointing to where Bin Laden is hiding, I don’t know what is.

So to all those headlines that read, “Death Toll Reaches 4,000, Bush Grieves”, spare us. He will still go on his vacations at the Texas ranch, he will still make his cool earnings and have healthcare while the rest of the country suffers in debt, and he will still go down as the 43rd President.

Lets face it, it’s not going to stop with Bush and it won’t stop with McCain, who drinks from the same Bush Family cup. We all know that Presidents go down in history books for wars,... (more)

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Uninsure California Lawmakers

By Tina Dupuy, published on Feb 6, 2008

... a city where median home prices are still about half a million dollars. Now, while Countrywide Financial Corp. may have happily approved us for a loan a couple of months ago, that doesn't mean we have any money. So the mandate to buy insurance would have fallen on a lot of broke ears.

Healthcare costs in this country, according to the World Health Organization, are the highest in the Western world. And the chasm between medical care for those with money and those without is potentially deadly. I once had a plantar wart that was near-fatal. True story. Some people gamble at casinos... (more)

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Who's in Charge of Your Health? It Might not Be Your Doctor

By Steven Lane, published on Dec 30, 2007 nuts! However, if you a one of the many uninsured Californians that suffer from a bi-polar disorder and your doctor prescribes the medication Abilify, it will only cost you about $600 for 30 days of sanity. Does any of this make any sense to anyone? If so, please, let me in on the secret. Tossing all fears of a socialized America aside, I shall vote for a presidential candidate that will give us "Universal Healthcare."...It should be America's number one priority. "The United States is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not provide universal health care." (Wikipedia) (more)

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