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Medi-Cal on the chopping block

By Christopher Wager, published on Nov 29, 2009 have a greater need for funds than they are taking in, the finance committee members are forced to play the "Rob from Peter to pay Paul" game. Among the major programs on the chopping block is the Healthy Families Insurance Program. Some 700,000 California children stand to lose the healthcare benefits they need, according to a statement released by Democratic Assembly Speaker Karen Bass.

This means if Medi-Cal has any hope of staying afloat, a solution would have to be found fast. This solution has come although it is no more than a short term stop gap to the bigger problem ... (more)

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Resistance Then, Resist Now! @ Arlington West, Oct. 25th

By T. Conboy, published on Oct 10, 2009 the Schools.   The second 20 minute panel will focus on the war budget and poverty draft with historian and unionist Gordon Alexandre.   CSULA student Anitra Wetzel will speak of problems facing students in today’s skewed economy, and a public health advocate will address “It’s Healthcare or Warfare.”  

The Ash Grove (1958 – 1973) on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood was a pioneering musical and political venue.   The performance standards and creative interplay among musicians, young and old, produced many great artists, enriched the lives of audiences, and gave the... (more)

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Fighting Economic Terrorism & Compulsory Vaccination

By Lumiere, published on Sep 29, 2009

...Take over the media and entertainment industries (via the Council on Foreign Relations) so the citizens access to important information is limited and they are left in the dark? Would you weaken the Nations Missile Defense Program utilized to protect the United States? Pass legislation via healthcare bills to limit their access to quality health care? Would you make your citizens and soldiers ill in order to weaken the nations military and economic output? Intentionally make a nation vulnerable to attack? Imprison citizens who refused vaccination by utilizing the Patriot or Anti-Terrorism ... (more)

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Unemployment Hit Home

By Lady D, published on Sep 9, 2009

I am about to be evicted due to lack of employment (my roommate is really cool she just needs someone who can pay the rent.

So I go out and spend my last few coins on junk food. Well the healthcare system isFUBAR and so lets eat sugar salt and fat. Ok, so I am a little depressed.

But here is the kicker. I see an article on CNN Money and the title is “10 office FausPaus “ so I am wondering what is considered faux paus“ these days” in the rampant wave of corporate crime.

Or maybe the crime has always been but not so in your face.

“Ha... (more)

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Hope And Reason, More Patriotic Than Fear And Anger

By Charles Harmison, published on Aug 20, 2009

...communities' pages and since that time a great deal has changed here in Broowaha as well as everywhere else around me. I have been away from Broowaha and writing in public for that matter for a number of reasons I won't go into too much. But I felt that given the fervor in the US over healthcare reform it was high time I came out of hiding and once again offered up a few hundred words on the state of things as I see them in the country I call home.

Once again it would seem that the country is in an uproar and, it would appear, is nearly completely polarized over two... (more)

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Early Marriage High Horse, Healthcare Informants, & Not About Philosophy

By FMeekins, published on Aug 10, 2009

...often point out how much America has to learn from non-Western cultures. Perhaps we should start by emulating North Korean policies towards illegal aliens. Instead of lavishing border violators with welfare benefits and the like, we give them harsh prison sentences.

Critics of Obama's healthcare plan should know that they are being watched. The White House is asking Americans to report to them the names of anyone spreading "disinformation" regarding insurance reform proposals. One might point out that, to a liberal, disinformation is anything they disagree with. When this call for... (more)

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Let Me Be Clear: this Is A Very 'fishy' Article!!

By Amo, published on Aug 6, 2009 tell on your neighbors if they (or I), have the audacity to challenge this President on Healthcare or any other issue that effects “US”.

The sheer arrogance of this administration is simply breathtaking, and there seems to be no bounds on its intrusion, on our way of life…how dare he trample on our constitutional and GOD GIVEN RIGHTS…that of free speech!

For those unfamiliar with what has taken place, the White House has just issued what can best be described as a “warning notice” eerily similar to those that cropped up in Germany in the early 30’s, warning citizens of “scary... (more)

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"Fee" Health Care

By Glenn T, published on Aug 3, 2009

... care (1) has $0 out-of-pocket cost, (2) is run completely by the federal government, and (3) provides questionable levels of care and care availability, and that is, the military.During my ten years in the United States Navy, people often told me about how “lucky” I was to have “free” healthcare available to me – as if that were the big upside to the woeful underpayment that they referred to as my “salary” and the opportunity to enter a war zone in defense of my country. Nonetheless, this talisman of a benefit seemed to stand out, to them and to most, amongst the myriad of... (more)

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Jackson Clones, Radical Profs, & Eldercide

By FMeekins, published on Jul 29, 2009

...might meet with, shall we say, expedited ends. However, the foundation is now being set to neutralize in an efficiently permanent manner one segment of the population no doubt seen as being an impediment to the kind of policies Obama represents.Tucked away within the chapters of the Obama Healthcare Bill is a provision for “end of life counseling” referred to as “Advance Care Planning Consultation”. This clause requires the elderly to meet every five years with medical authorities to determine whether or not the individual’s life is worthy of... (more)

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Headline Potpourri #2

By FMeekins, published on Jul 22, 2009

At least my God never forgets His word. That is more than can be said of Pseudomessiah Barack Obama. The President confessed to knowing nothing of the provision in the healthcare bill that would forbid insurance companies from enrolling new applicants once the legislation goes into effect. Thus, he is either a liar or a halfwit. Take your choice.Walter Cronkite might have been the most trusted man in America, but that trust might have been misplaced. According to a number of retrospectives published since his passing, one could legitimately conjecture that his support for America was questionable... (more)

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