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American Tomato

By ranfuchs, published on Feb 22, 2010

...plastic bags that separate you, the shopper, from what you buy.

While some still reminiscence of the days were our diet was full of flavor, recent generations only knows the tasteless produce they grew up with, and mistake them for the real thing. No wonder that children nowadays relate healthy to tasteless. No wonder that parents promise a treat to ‘good kids’ who eat this hated food.

By creating produce that is easy to advertise on TV, easy to store, easy to ship, we have created a corporate heaven. But what is the price we pay?

The obvious price is obesity and... (more)

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Get rid of diethead for 2010

By Katherine Cobb, published on Dec 28, 2009

... things go awry (and don’t they always?), people feel like failures and often throw in the towel. Or, they give it quite a good effort, but don’t see the results they want, and hang it up for another pint of ice cream. Since we live in a country where the anorexic model is the cover girl for health and beauty, it’s easy to want to give up. Not only will most of us never be a size zero, we shouldn’t even want to be. I have always had a milder case of diethead than some people I know. I dieted half-heartedly (I find it tedious and un-fun) but exercised regularly, even though I despised ... (more)

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No Time, No Problem - You don't need fancy equipment to lose weight.

By Derek Bowles, published on Nov 1, 2009

"Mooooomm!! We are going to be late! Hurry up!""I'm coming, I just got home!"

Sound familiar? Do you just think you don't have to exercise? Well, then the new Money Cruncher 3000 is just for you! All you need is 10 minutes a day, for two weeks and the body of your dreams will be yours! Call now and receive an extra Money Cruncher 3000 for FREE! Just pay separate shipping and handling. But wait there's more! Call now and we will also cut the price from 49.99 to 29.99! That's right! Two Money Cruncher 3000's for only 29.99!

*Warning, results are not typical. Testimonies... (more)

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Bloggers Unite for Preemies

By TonyBerkman, published on Oct 26, 2009

... has joined with the March of Dimes to raise awareness and money by holding a blogger action day this coming November 17th.   In the U.S. alone,  1 in 8 babies are born premature.   In lesser developed countries the rate of premature births is even higher.  

Premature death is a health crisis that threatens the lives and health of nearly one half-million babies each year.    It is the number 1 killer of newborns and often time leads to lifelong disabilities.   The number of premature births has increased by 31 percent since 1981.   It happens without warning and medical... (more)

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The holiday blues aren't so jolly

By ParentCoach, published on Oct 26, 2009

For many people the heightened expectations of holiday gifts and having to be jolly has the exact opposite affect.     While outwardly they smile and laugh,   many people go into deep depressions, during this time of the year, resulting in the highest suicide rates of any period.  

Here are 10 effective and powerful ways to eliminate the holiday blues,  reduce your stress level,  be  jolly and experience a joyful spirit.  

1.  Be grateful. Every day you wake up and go to sleep ask yourself the question,  "what am I grateful for in my life"?.   When one is grateful our fear's disappear... (more)

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By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 28, 2009

I haven't written for Broo in a while. I had a stroke about three weeks ago, and my writing ability has regressed to a high school level.

I was writing one morning and all of a sudden, without any warning, I couldn't read anymore. I decided I was probably wiped out by working too hard (12-14 hours, six days a week) so I decided to take a nap. One hour later I woke up and watched The View. Barbara Walter and Whoopi may have made the stroke worse. Can I sue them now?

I knew I was in trouble when I couldn't recognize Mickey Mouse. At that point, it was time to get to the hospital.... (more)

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An Experiment That Would Make A Difference

By baynurse, published on Jul 28, 2009

Lead found in the water we drink and the air we breathe, resonates with prejudice, I am talking about the prejudice in ourselves.  Lead also contributes to the decreased intelligence and health of those with even a small amount of it in their system.  Chlorine, used to clean our water, resonates with anger.  Would you drink chlorine?  It is in the water we drink.

The food we provide for inmates in jail is nothing short of appalling, high in fat, salt, empty carbohydrates, and high in toxic additives, and low in nutrition.  The water in jails is full of lead and chlorine, some jails allow... (more)

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