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Looking for Rage in All the Wrong Places

By Tom Lewis, published on Apr 20, 2010

We Americans live in a country engaged in the longest war of its entire history -- in Afghanistan -- which is now in its ninth year with no end in sight. No military or political leader of our country can explain to us why we are fighting this war, how we are going to win it, or what benefit will accrue if and when we do. (Yes, yes, we understand why we started the war, the question is why are we still fighting it?) When they try, they talk about the central front in the war on terror, a war that has no fronts and has no center. They talk about denying Al Qaeda a safe haven in Afghanistan from... (more)

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Health Care Reform: How Many Wrongs Made it Right?

By Tom Lewis, published on Mar 22, 2010

... that does not matter. Their responses, which ranged from surly "No's" to calling him a socialist and worse, and included not one single vote, were entirely his fault. He was stubborn. Long after his election in a near-landslide on a campaign platform whose central plank was the promise of health care reform, he clung to the idea of making good on his promise for weeks after important people expressed their opposition to it. An obvious character flaw. He lost control of the narrative. His explanations were all cluttered with facts and figures, whereas the much smarter opposition hammered him... (more)

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For Pity's Sake: Politicians Can't Help It

By Tom Lewis, published on Mar 5, 2010

Health care reform: stalled. Climate change legislation: on hold. Financial industry regulation: fogeddaboudit. Deficit reduction:sure, but you can't cut that. California and New York: gridlocked government. Instead of just being critical of the people who got us here and can't get us out -- how easy is that? -- how about taking a moment to identify with them? Would that be too much to ask?

Okay, fine, let me put it another way. Until we realize what exactly is going on here, we do not have a prayer of turning it around. We may not have a prayer anyway, but it's always better to understand... (more)

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Deforming Health Care: A Banner Year

By Tom Lewis, published on Feb 15, 2010

The country's five largest health-insurance companies increased their combined profits by $4.4 billion dollars in 2009 -- the year everyone else was struggling to stay aflloat in the worst recession in memory -- according to a study by the reform advocacy group "Health Care for America Now!" The study shows how the five companies (WellPoint, CIGNA, UnitedHealth Group, Aetna Inc. and Humana) pulled it off; by collectively dropping insurance coverage for millions of customers, denying coverage to millions more, eagerly enrolling customers in privately administered, publicly subsidized plans such... (more)

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A Physician's Concern about the Senate Bill

By JJFCPA, published on Nov 30, 2009

In an email that was widely shared at the writer's request, an Indiana based doctor summarizes specific areas in the Senate health care bill that he believes will have a devastating impact on health care in the U.S. This is the doctor's analysis which will trouble many if not most Americans.

July 23, 2009 Senator Bayh, As a practicing physician I have major concerns with the health care bill before Congress. I actually have read... (more)

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Deforming Health Care

By Tom Lewis, published on Oct 29, 2009

... year ago, for the first time in modern American history, voters selected a president who had not been vetted and funded by Big Money. In the euphoria of the celebration, we did not notice for a while that no similar winds of change had blown through the Congress. As a result the drive for health care reform (or was it health care insurance reform? Or both?) by the new president, with the backing of about 70 per cent of the American people, has not only missed the cup, in the parlance of golf, but the green, and cannot be found anywhere on the fairway. They are out among the trees now,... (more)

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