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Obamacare Enrolment Exceeds Seven Million, so Obama says

By Shaun Gibson, published on Apr 3, 2014

...House has not provided a demographic breakdown of the enrolment numbers and it was not immediately clear how many of the enrollees actually paid their premiums.

Also unknown is how many were previously uninsured, which is seen as the real marker to determine the success of Mr Obama's health care overhaul.

Although March 31 was the official sign-up deadline, millions of people are potentially still eligible for extensions granted by the administration.

Among those are people who were unable to complete the enrolment process for various reasons, including glitches to the ... (more)

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You are no Longer a Human Being.

By Anastasia , published on Feb 12, 2013

...persistently high. Solicitors are preparing to act against nine trusts accused of neglecting elderly patients. You might like to consider all of the above facts in considering the virtues of rationing and socialised medicine. Come to England; we know how to do it, we know how to deliver health care with dignity and comfort. There again you might be better advised to go to a charity hospital in France.

The dread of hospitals probably still survives among the very poor, and in all of us it has only recently disappeared. It is a dark patch not far beneath the surface of our minds. ... (more)

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Give me Liberty or Give me…Obama

By Anastasia , published on May 10, 2012

...well, un-American. Even religious communities are threatened by the overweening power of the state.

My thoughts here were focused by a brilliant article by George Weigel in the latest issue of the political journal Prospect (Liberty, faith and Obama’s Leviathan). Take the massive health care bill which Congress passed in 2010. Did the senators and representatives actually read this document in its entirety? Has anyone read its 2000 odd pages and lived? No, probably not, but it’s a document that has acquired a life of its own. Its acquired a life in the US Department of... (more)

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Doc Rationing

By Anastasia , published on Apr 26, 2012

...Yanks. It’s not just the whimsy of the whole thing but the sheer delighted of watching people enter and leave a doctor’s surgery without having to pay a thing. Ah, my friends, this is such stuff as dreams are made on.

I wonder how many people in the States really know about our health care provision. Yes, it’s true; family doctor services and hospital care are indeed ‘free at the point of contact’. The real costs are elsewhere, and they are considerable. Anyway, let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of socialised medicine. I’ll show you... (more)

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Votin' On a Dream

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Jan 9, 2012

...So, get real here, and get in line - you have no more choice than those other guys on the right side of the wrong game.

Because, let's face it, it is truly the wrong game. We keep believing that what we believe is more important than what we all need - good jobs, real health care choices, good roads, good clean air and water, safety, security, all that stuff that lets each of us pursue our dreams, raise our families, sleep soundly, eat well, play fair. But that is not what we seem to ever want to achieve. Instead, we keep wanting to make sure the rich and powerful... (more)

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Can GOP Really Repeal 0bamaCare?

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 9, 2010

...was that if the GOP were to regain control of Congress there would be a complete reversal of ObamaCare eliminating it from the books.

The truth is: ain’t gonna happen. At least not right away.

There are very few, if any really honorable or even acceptable parts to the health care bill passed last March. To be blatantly honest, the whole thing was a sham from the word “Go”. Broken promises of complete transparency of the proceedings and back-room bribes to “persuade” (translation: strong-arm) moderate Democrats into toeing the party line to Alan Grayson’s... (more)

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You Can’t Blame Bush Anymore

By D. E. Carson, published on Sep 4, 2010

...taxes. If these people could take just one course in business finance, they would see how stupid that idea is. But most of them won’t because they have their heads up their butts and wear a sign that says, “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with facts.”

Liberal Lie #3) Health Care is a right.

There are only two words in the English Language that can follow that lie and they begin with the letters “BS”. Anybody who tells you that health care is a right is the biggest snake oil salesmen on the planet and he’d sell his own mother to make a buck. You are... (more)

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Make A Wish When Death Calls

By Paul Wylie, published on Aug 28, 2010

This is probably the hardest story that I have ever attempted to write, and do so because of another blogger on MSNBC who asked me my story, and to whom I gave no answer. I write it because of another story she wrote that dealt with the subject of letting go, something that touched me, and caused a stirring of warmth just large enough to allow me to attempt this. She'll know who she is if she ever reads this.

My son was four years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. The shock that his mother and I felt at that moment is a feeling that I don't believe time will ever erase. Sure,... (more)

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Senator Jim Webb Shares His Views on Health Care Legislation

By JJFCPA, published on Jan 10, 2010

Thank you for contacting my office regarding health care reform. I appreciate your taking the time to share your views. I voted in favor of health care reform legislation in the Senate. Despite my disappointment with some provisions in the bill, as well as the process under which it was considered, the final package presented to the Senate reflects many improvements that take into consideration the concerns that I and others brought forward during the debate.

Our country needs health care reform. Most importantly, the status quo of our present system, which is damaging... (more)

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Crunch Time in D.C. for Health Care

By JJFCPA, published on Jan 8, 2010

...key (or on the fence) senators in order to move a bill for passage and signature before his State of the Union address. At the same time, House leader, Nancy Pelosi has been in front of the cameras expressing her intention for transparency in the deliberations.

The Senate version for health care legislation has been established as the basis for reconciliation legislation. This is a bit of departure from a normal reconciliation process where both the House and Senate versions are fully vetted for reconciliation. By promoting the Senate version, the Democrats are indicating that the... (more)

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