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Extremist religion and the cancer of hate it is spreading

By Shaun Gibson, published on Sep 26, 2013

This is about having a respectful way with religion but looking at educating people about this Cancer of hatred and terrorist cells through religion, they fight at will, kill easily and are happy to die for whatever religion they are battling under. When I often say religion is a problem, don’t think “He is talking about my religion” that is ignorance. It is time now for the whole world to wake up to extremist religion and ask why an abundance of young men are joining religions who will fight, kill and die in its name

As a species we are lost, I hear Christians mock Catholics,... (more)

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Why must we hate

By Shaun Gibson, published on Sep 11, 2013

Hatred as I see it, even in my own backwater middle of nowhere country is taught, we are born pure and innocent, then we become the person we are taught to be or told to be. I was taught hate on a large scale and I went with it in a big way, then one day I looked at my 3 year old son, started to cry and walked away from it, I found love, compassion and more, then the pain came, I always wonder to this day, why did the pain come when I woke up to intolerance and hatred

Karma is the best I can come up with to this day, I did some awful things as a kid and a young man, but doing... (more)

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The Origin of Racism

By Credo, published on Jun 1, 2013

...grew and developed from the hanging trees of slavery and the den of thievery of the Indian land from sea to dawning sea, raising a radically charged nation of children under such strong aversion to the darker race. Colonial exploits creating from all its forms of oppression the worst kind of hatred ever known to man, and yet after merely 100 years of speculated freedom I am unable to find one devout racist.

Forgiven Means to Exonerate or the Eradication of a Debt

Was slavery an illness that we have somehow found the cure for? Have we somehow broken the evil curse of racism ... (more)

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