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Goal Spotting

By ranfuchs, published on Aug 19, 2010

...famous, who seem to have it all…

In our modern society, aggressive advertising implants images of successful people into our minds and encourages us to ponder how we can join this select group. Surveys have shown that most people view success as one of the major contributors to their happiness.

But can success really provide you with everything you desire? Are these ‘truly successful’ people happier than the rest of us? Research has shown time and again that those who are considered to be successful aren’t happier, nor do they feel better about their lives, than the... (more)

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Do We Need Money to be Happy?

By ddmw, published on Mar 12, 2010

...people in the world are by no means also the wealthiest (at least not if that wealth is measured in currency). No, the happiest people are overwhelmingly those who have identified what they want to achieve with their lives, and are living each day to the full in an effort to attain their goals.

Of course, some financially wealthy people are no doubt also extremely happy - but happiness and money are not causally connected. Money can help to facilitate happiness - but only in the life of a person who already knows what they need to truly make themselves happy with their life.


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By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Dec 5, 2009

Those who have ever known me, know me for my passion. Or what was sold as passion, but is more than likely something like intensity. A flickering flame, dying and coming. Protesting a darkness. I have burst in and out of my interests with a fury, and then, again, a cooling lull. Transitory, I have chosen my new desires by night and beat them in my blood well into the quaking mornings' light, sleeping well into noon to avoid the sun as it reached up and tickled me, laughing at my new path. In whichever horizon that I set myself towards,... (more)

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Let's face the music and dance

By Uttam Gill, published on Sep 26, 2018

When you get confined to dictates of monotonous state of life then you ask ourselves that now, what to do. You grapple with answers, you are restless. You certainly don’t wish to be confined. All that boring times, tells you to do something, to infuse thrill in your life. In a bloody boring time you wish to break out from the tyrannical monotony. And how you do that? The brush of gentle breeze, rustling leaves, thunderous clouds chirping birds creates an acoustic aura of dazzling sound. Magically within us in silence we create our own music and that’s how you unshackle your self from dreary... (more)

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She Must Live in a Bubble

By Shari G, published on Sep 26, 2018

...about recognizing them, taking the lessons from them and then using those lessons to better yourself. You then can always walk in the wisdom that ALL events in your life are for the betterment of your spirit even when you don’t have the sight to see it.

So how does one become happy? Happiness isn’t something you achieve through a job, another person, money, fame or anything outside of yourself for that matter. Happiness is a choice and it’s something that you decide to be. So that’s it? CHOOSE to be happy? Yes! There it is. No big secret. You don’t actually have to do... (more)

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