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Why Not Today?

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 3, 2011

... are insisting to prove …nothing my friend…nothing…just for one day look into your gains and losses…Gains are much more, then say loudly that to hell with the loss…I need to move forward…No matter what may come remember the basic instinct of yours…you don’t want pains…you want happiness…you wish to be jubilant …You hate pain from the core of your heart and when it is so you care to hoots for any insignificant factors which demeans you as undesirable entity…Just for one day let your heart says that life is fine…feel the nature…inhale the fragrance of the... (more)

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Your Life, Your Choice

By Shari G, published on Nov 2, 2011

I'm sitting at home watching mindless television and I can't seem to get these thoughts out of my head so I just decided to start writing. Sometimes I want to shake people and just get the world to understand that so much of our lives is in OUR control. That living a life of joy and happiness comes from YOUR soul. From YOUR heart. From YOUR choices. Nobody is just naturally happy or joyful. Like anything else, it takes work. Yes, life will absolutely throw you curveballs and life will absolutely make you question things some days but at the end of the day, your life is a gift and if... (more)

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Interview with Dr. Mitchell Gibson: Author of Nine Insights

By JaimeM, published on Oct 2, 2011

Dr. Mitchell Gibson is one of the world’s leading authorities on the interface of science and the frontiers of human consciousness. He is the best-selling author of Your Immortal Body of Light, Signs of Mental Illness, Signs of Psychic and Spiritual Ability, The Living Soul, Nine Insights For A Happy and Successful Life, and Ancient Teaching Stories. Dr. Gibson has been a consultant for Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, A&E Network, NBC, ABC, and CBS regional affiliate television stations, newspapers, radio stations.

... (more)

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What Are You Willing to Do to Get What You Really Want?

By Yvonne Wu, published on Aug 13, 2011

Has someone ever said or done something that made you feel bad? Well, unless you have pointy ears and your name is Spock, the answer is yes, you've had a negative emotional response to the words or actions of another. And if it was an intense reaction, you may have even felt like you'd been zapped with an emotional-chemical cocktail from the dark side, and before you even consciously realized it, you were giving someone a piece of your mind, or physically taking things into your own hands, or both—it was automatic.

Sure, there are plenty of reasons to get angry and do what needs done.... (more)

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Ring! Ring! It's Your Life Calling...

By Shari G, published on Jun 29, 2011

...just came up inside of you trying to give you reasons to not do this. Trying to stop you from moving forward in your life. Don’t push them aside though. Pay close attention to them, for they are the ones that are stopping you along your journey to self awareness, self love and simply happiness! They are the ones that are telling you you’re not worth it. Or it won’t work out. Or you’ll be disappointed. Or you’re not good enough. Enough. Your time has come. Right now you will allow yourself to feel good. Your life is calling. Answer that phone!

I’m writing this for... (more)

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You'll Never Know...

By Shari G, published on May 26, 2011

You’ll never know how something so simple as your smile can influence or change someone’s life. You’ll never know, until you’re told. I was and now I’m sharing it with you.

I’ve never been one to hold back a smile. It’s just always been a part of who I am. My mom always had one plastered on her face and its probably where I learned it from. I never TRULY knew how a smile can really change someone’s attitude until I started working in the restaurant industry as a server. I would see these people come in to eat and they would just be so unhappy when I approached the table. I would... (more)

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You: Stable and Strong

By Cynthia Occelli, published on Mar 31, 2011

"They are tossed to drunken heights, only to be brought down into a sludge of headachy despair; their arrogance gives way to humiliation at the next curve of the switchback." —Patrick White

It is easy to lose sight of oneself as the most powerful person in one's life. Reinforced by the masses and the media, we forget our power to create our lives and control our emotions.

After years of thinking and living this way, one becomes a feather in the wind.

When things are good they feel exuberant, invincible and can even become self-aggrandizing or haughty. On the ego's... (more)

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By Cynthia Occelli, published on Mar 31, 2011

...person, authority or event to choose them.

For some, a love interest holds the jailhouse key. For others it's a career opportunity, title, status, money or accolade. The prisoners believe that being chosen will prove their talent, loveability or enoughness. They are certain that happiness is on the other side of being picked.

Who or what must select you for you to finally feel good enough, successful or complete?

No one and nothing.

You've already been picked for the most significant honor there is.

Creation, God, Spirit or whatever name suits ... (more)

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Helping Others Begets Happiness

By Barkha Dhar, published on Oct 19, 2010

... little Avijit and his friends aspired in their uphill battle until Zana Briski, photographer, filmmaker and activist saw the unseen blooming in their dingy rooms. Zana’s appetite for giving back and her ardor to share smiles through her lenses gave a group of deprived children the pursuit of happiness. Grooming an excited bunch of children on photographic skills to recognize their hidden talents gave these hapless a light of hope.

Zana’s movie ‘Born into Brothels,’ an Oscar winning documentary on the emotions of these little children in the red light district portrays that... (more)

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100 Things That Make Me Smile

By Reza B, published on Sep 29, 2010

It’s about 90 degrees now—I feel like I’m sitting underneath a very fat man who’s breathing on me at a steady humid rate. I’m on my balcony watching Hollywood shimmer in the summer heat (unfortunately it’s technically fall) and I realize how much I love my view. My dog is sleeping next to my feet; she always seems to be sleeping, but I love her nonetheless. No matter how bad my day is, my view and my dog always put a smile on my face—I feel like people, including myself, have forgotten how many things there are to make us smile; like we’ve lost perspective.

In the last nine-years... (more)

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