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Whose Hands?

By Coach Phatty, published on Jun 5, 2014

Perception of the circumstances and things that happen throughout our lives can be so very important. Sometimes, when things happen, it seems as if we have no control over them…they are out of our hands. But…are the circumstances that we experience REALLY out of our hands?IT DEPENDS WHOSE HANDS THEY ARE IN!

A basketball in my hands is worth about $19. A basketball in Michael Jordan’s hands is worth about $33 million. It depends whose hands it’s in.

A baseball in my hands is worth about $6. A baseball in Mark Mcquire’s hands is worth $19 million. It depends whose hands it’s in.

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Our Wonderful Savior

By Betty B., published on Dec 18, 2011

Isn't it wonderful that we get to go be with our Lord when we die?

God is so good and He knew we needed someone to help us see the light, He knew we we're in desperate need because He looked down on us and felt our pain.

The verse below is awesome

2 Samuel 22:3

my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation. He is my stronghold, my refuge and my savior— from violent people you save me.

He didn't only save us from death and turmoil He still today saves us from our fear and pain, His ways keeps us going and His love... (more)

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Yesterday Enemies, Today They Shake Hands

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Sep 13, 2011

Kagame and Sarkozy, respectively presidents of Rwanda and France have shaken hands with smiles on their faces. Both presidents will hold face to face discussion about the future of their countries this Monday. This shows a good sign for both leaders who have been apart for ages. The contact between these leaders was cut as Rwanda repeatedly accused France for having strongly supported the Interahamwe Militia and the FDLR who committed the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. In addition, Rwanda has demonstrated black on white that France was also involved in supporting the Interahamwe with arms and other... (more)

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