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The Spectre of Halloween

By Anastasia , published on Nov 2, 2012

A new spectre is haunting Poland…the spectre of spectres! Alas, no sooner had the country got rid of communism than an even greater danger has appeared - Halloween. Polish bishops recently urged worshippers to ignore the festival because it “promotes harmful and diabolical behaviour.”

The poor old prelates face a more dreadful challenge. The battle against communism was easy: there are no laughs in communism; there is no fun. There is lots of fun and laughs in Halloween, which makes the danger all the more diabolical. The archbishop of Warsaw, Kazimierz Nycz, said the festival went... (more)

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A Witch's Dwelling - a Halloween story

By Cielo, published on Oct 19, 2011

All witch’s cottage are not the same. As every flower is different from each other so are each witch from each other; and so are the dwellings they choose to live in.

I once met a witch who lived in a beautiful lot on the mountainside overlooking undisturbed forested mountains that housed many homes. Her home had spring water and solar energy. So close to people she lived; yet, nobody knew they had a witch for a neighbor!

But that’s not the norm, usually. More likely, you’ll find witches living deep in the forest. Most of the witches I’ve known lived there—in the forest; among... (more)

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The Children That Watch Us

By LVera, published on Oct 18, 2011

...hear the restroom door close and the followed sounds of a flush. They brought him plates of food everyday to his room, but none of it was ever devoured.

When the week was over and he seemed to be growing out of it, he joined his family for supper. No more zombie, well at least until Halloween.

His parents argued the morning before Halloween and it wasn't until the next day he realized why. "No, he's not going back there?" his mom yelled, but she didn't convince his father who took the whole family, including his older sister, trick or treating around his grandfather's... (more)

Tags: death, halloween, short story, horror, Stephen King, murder, l. vera, scary, trick or treat, campfire story, the children that watch us

Silver Bullets

By LVera, published on Oct 16, 2011

High above an abandon quarry, under a starlit night, stood Mickey. His back was faced away from the chasm as he stared down the center of Clyde's revolver. Among dry desert dirt, on her hands and knees, crying, is the love of his life. Sand and tears caked one side of her face and the man who stood above her with a gun pointed at the back of her head was Clyde's right-hand man, Glen. A cloud covered the moon leaving Mickey in a dark shadow. Clyde pulled the trigger and the bullet tore through Mickey's skull, tossing his head back and lifting his feet off the ground and into the chasm.

As... (more)

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Digger's Diner: Where Everyday Is Halloween!

By john robertson, published on Nov 2, 2010

Everyday is Halloween at Digger's Diner; the bay area's only, and the world's second, graveyard themed restaurant. Whether you are looking to dig yourself an early grave of heart attack laden, gravy smothered pork chops or if your just looking for a fun place to get a shake before going trick or treating, I recommend you check out Digger's at least once for the novelty of it. (Extra kudos if you are turned on by Hell's Angels, gangbangers, Goths or anyone on parole.) food is standard, fifties diner fare done authentically and without apology. You will not find any vegan,... (more)

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NFL Week 8 Picks

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 31, 2010

I'm getting used to the embarrassment now - so it's not bothering me so much to make my obviously ridiculous picks :) Maybe this week, I should just pick against my head and go with heart - that might work out better. I doubt it though and it's Halloween on Sunday - sounds like the perfect recipe for some freaked out games. Here we go!

DEN @ SF - The Broncos continue their mediocre to plain awful play, but somehow the 49ers are worse. Broncos win.

JAC @ DAL - Kitna....gets the win. Could it be that Romo is the problem for the Boys? You be the judge.

MIA @ CIN - A hard... (more)

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Halloween Brings Out the Be(a)st in Adults

By JJFCPA, published on Nov 1, 2009

Halloween is often thought to be for children who dress up in homemade or store bought costumes and go out trick or treating with thoughts of getting a bagful of yummy candy. Bad for the teeth but good for the tummy. The reality is that older kids, parents and mature adults enjoy the night and maybe more than the youngsters.

The origin of the day is not clear. According to Wikipedia, there are those who believe that its roots go back to Roman days and the feast of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, or to the festival of the dead called Parentalia. Historian Nicholas Rogers... (more)

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Better In The Dark Celebrates The Spooky Season

By DLFerguson, published on Oct 5, 2009

October is here again and that means Halloween will here before you know it. And so will the annual BETTER IN THE DARK Obscure Horror Movies For Halloween Episode. But until it gets here why not pass the time until then by revisiting some of the BiTD horror themed episodes and past Obscure Horror Movies Episodes? Maybe you've missed some of them or you'd like to recommend them to friends who haven't discovered BiTD yet.All of these episodes can be found here: Enjoy!Episode #12: What Made Haddonfield GreatIn this landmark episode, released in anticipation of the HALLOWEEN... (more)

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Department Stores Are Stealing Time

By V, published on Dec 3, 2006

On the 26th of October, a Thursday night, I stood before the television - which was on mostly for company "trying out my first ever Halloween costume. Due to this fact I was, at that moment, very conscious of what stage of the year we were in. Halloween. Late. The year firmly on the w a n e. I was a little lost in contemplation of this fact. The usual combo of retrospection and introspection ensued. It was nothing too serious though, just a general acknowledgement of passing time that seems to pick up pace, commensurate with age, like a freight train clamoring through your life, gathering... (more)

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