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The United Nations Shits on Haiti

By Anastasia , published on Mar 3, 2013

Haiti is a young nation, which is to say that it is a nation of the young. Growing old here without mishap is something of an achievement. If history in the widest sense is no more than a form of collective memory, then there are not many still alive who remember the days of Baby Doc Duvalier, the former dictator. The son of the infamous Papa Doc, Baby Doc ruled the country from his father’s death in 1971 until he was ousted in 1986 by a military coup.

After many years in exile he returned home in 2011. Some remembered. Some even celebrated his return, seeing his rule in a positive... (more)

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Royal Wedding Sickness

By Shari G, published on Apr 29, 2011

...with the money spent on this wedding! How is it that people can spout out that we need to save lives, give children water, help cure diseases and there is money out there that can actually DO these things and it is spent on flowers, dresses and cakes! I walked the streets of earthquake torn Haiti. I saw the children with buckets scooping up water from the streets to DRINK! I smelled death as I was walking through the streets because there was not enough money to get those houses demolished quickly enough to rid of the bodies that they had to rot in there. There are people here in... (more)

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Have You Moved on With Your Life? Haiti Hasn't.

By TonyBerkman, published on Jan 21, 2010

Most of us living in suburbia, or in big cities, taking kids to school, going to work, probably have moved on, past the brief moment when we thought we should feel bad. So convenient. Put it out of our minds. Why care?

We watch tv or read a web page in a dumbed down state. Why feel? So much pain in our own lives? Really? We fail to let in real real horror and suffering. For many, we did the same in New Orleans. The Tsunami. We’ve been overexposed to tragedy. We’ve become numb. We focus on ourselves, and wonder why we aren’t happy. Help? Why?

We need to... (more)

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Our Giving Makes Us Rich

By Theresa H Hall, published on Jan 15, 2010

...the television set on and flipped through the channels. When nothing on HBO caught my attention, I tuned into a local channel to watch one of those mindless gossip shows that are telecasted in the middle of the night. What I saw was shocking and nothing to gossip about!

Earthquake in Haiti, 7.0 on the Richter scale! Haiti. I thought to myself ... "It's just a small island in the Caribbean, they're just getting over the hurricane season, and their country and people are so poor. OH NO!" The screen showed footage of horrific scenes and for a moment my mind couldn't digest the... (more)

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Haiti: Apocalypse Now, Apocalypse Foretold

By Tom Lewis, published on Jan 13, 2010

If we were rational people, the evacuation of California would begin today. The destruction of Haiti by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake is not only an immense catastrophe, of Biblical proportions, for that accursed country, but is also a prophecy for California. Earthquakes do not strike only the poor. Nor are they always a surprise.

Along geological fault lines, where tectonic plates -- huge chunks of the earth's crust, floating like enormous icebergs on the molten magma of the earths interior -- grind past or into each other, the accumulation of strain and its release as earthquakes is... (more)

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