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How many large tech companies have been hacked this week?

By TonyBerkman, published on Feb 22, 2013

It's difficult to keep track. The most sophisticated technogod's in the world were infiltrated this past week. A random guess and you're almost certain to pick a company that announced that it was hacked.

Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr are all figuring out how to deal with security breaches after being hacked and email addresses and other information was stolen.

Zendesk the customer support social platform just announed it too was hacked. The company says it detected the hack early this week, closed the vulnerability, and notified customers if information had been stolen.

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Anonymous Intent to Take Down Fox News Site on November 5th

By TonyBerkman, published on Oct 27, 2011

...which has been responsible for taking down a number of large websites in the past months, has released a statement that provides that they will take down Fox News' Websites because of Foxs' propaganda efforts against the Occupy Wall Street movement. This comes on the heals of the recent hacking of the Twitter feeds of both Fox News and NBC News.

Anonymous released a YouTube video on October 22 Anonymous describes Fox News' repeated use of certain words such as "filthy", "disgusting" and "dirty" to denounce the protesters and states they are now a target.

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