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The Queen, Part 11 - Taking Out The Trash

By D. Sager, published on Feb 5, 2012

The sting of the needle, inserted quickly out of necessity, brought me back to consciousness. The graybearded, decrepit doc had me laying on the kitchen counter, working out of an old leather bag which resembled the texture of his skin. Evidently I was out for a while, as he busied himself cleaning up. I looked over my shoulder, seeing the body of our attacker wrapped in heavy plastic, red smears on the inside looking like a crazed water-color painting. My Queen was calm, her hands stroking the blood, my and his, from my body. I noticed a strength in me, her strength, unafraid and capable... (more)

Tags: sex, dancing, oil, drugs, desire, gun, blood, lust, kissing, criminal, stripper, queen, dancer, shot, nipples, pistol, rage, sexual, shower, young woman with old man

The Queen, Part 10 - The Resistance

By D. Sager, published on Feb 1, 2012

... by the steam of the shower rapidly filling the now heated bathroom; my body filled with heat of a different sort. The door was left open, in an invitation that I should join her. I quickly disrobed, the tiles giving a sharp crack of complaint when my pistol hit the floor, in my haste I forgot the gun was stuck in my waistband. I heard a giggle come from the shower, she called out, "I have something to handle that". Meaning a holster, I thought, however, I was naked now and saw she had rubbed the mist off the glass to peek at my manhood. I responded almost immediately, grateful that she knows ... (more)

Tags: sex, dancing, oil, drugs, desire, gun, blood, lust, kissing, criminal, stripper, queen, dancer, shot, nipples, pistol, rage, sexual, shower, young woman with old man

Russian Roulette

By D. Sager, published on Dec 15, 2011

I slid bullets into the chamber, spinning the cylinder, my world balancing on a razor's edge, looking down the barrel of the gun.

That was how it ended up, but the beginning was only moments before...

The cabinet was open. I fancied the .38, its slight sheen producing a dull rainbow of metallic colors. I loaded it with hollow points, short and thick, like me. Looking curiously at the soft lead, its deep hole a receptacle for my soul, I held it up to my temple. Looking, without seeing, in the glass of the gun cabinet, my reflection taunted me, but I felt nothing, ignoring the... (more)

Tags: depression, mental illness, suicide, abuse, gun, bullying

Death to Disappointment

By mantra lotus, published on Mar 17, 2011

... down, I rushed to the corner of the room, near the bed, I knelt. Plucking away at the edge of a loose floor panel, I released the key.

With the box and key..I ran to the kitchen...dropped it on the table, opening, ..peering, "Beautiful."

Firmly placed in hand, I gripped the silver gun..with my eye on the target I shot.

I shot..I fired..I shot..I fired.. I executed..I annihilated..I massacred, I obliterated, I assassinated, I slaughtered....I killed it all.

Disappointment lay dead. Ripped to shreds and riddled with bullets, on the cold floor.

Smiling, I... (more)

Tags: death, healing, gun, change, hurt, mantra lotus, disappointment

An Unthinkable Shooting Range

By Eric Karlan, published on Jan 5, 2010

It sounds like the beginning of a bad Family Guy breakaway...

"That sounds as stupid as that one time those basketball players pulled unloaded guns on each other..."

Then the show cuts away from the central storyline (or general lack thereof most of the time) and everyone watches as animated depictions of Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton in the Washington Wizards locker room pull unloaded firearms on each other over an expensive card gambling dispute.

It sounds so ridiculous and absurd that you may actually have the inkling to laugh - until you remember that this isn't... (more)

Tags: basketball, wizards, Arenas, gun, washington, dc, gilbert, crittenton

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