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Spring. Growing, green

By melanie jean juneau, published on May 2, 2013


This kid joke always makes me laugh because it is true and the only thing I can do is laugh.

Today, though, it was 24 C and my daffodils are blooming and countless other shoots are breaking through the soil. There is nothing like the new, fresh green of spring. It feels like my eyes are drinking in green like a parched desert traveller stumbling upon an oasis just in time to save his life. This was a very late spring, it is already May 2 but I refuse to complain. I will delight in warm earth, green shoots and buds, birds singing.

I... (more)

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Bags for Life

By Warlie Zambales Diaz, published on Apr 21, 2012

Worldwide, an estimated 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags are used every year. Unfortunately, the economics of plastic recycling is such that it costs exponentially more to recycle a bag than to make a new one. Thus, few plastic bags are recycled and most are left to linger on the Earth for the next 1,000 years in landfills and oceans. Yet, it is undeniable that plastics are one of the major contributors in global warming. Thus, to secure our future and our posterity, we must find a solution to the problems that plastic bags create.

How then, shall this problem be solved?

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Firewall to a Farewell

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 29, 2012

It should have been an ongoing no go, a seafaring from afar, lasers adrift with one passive eye at the watch, the other barely containing her furions, the most furious of ions.

Her impersonal inferred, infrared photon network continues to shine a light on known knowledge in breathtaking breakthroughs. She grows a leaner, cleaner hunger for far places, the ones that remain as nameless bounty, uncharted beauty.

She is surprised by her laser, to a certain point, as she comes upon an image of memory.

Is it an invention? An old war field? An arrangement of a bout between …what?... (more)

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Angels of Entanglement

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 20, 2012

She captures images of lemmings attacking yaks in sack races, pilgrims strapping peaches onto the drums of war. Is it a new push to the limits by theNetwork for purity--purity for the old history?

It was, it seems, the jobs they took--a myth cemented as the ideal springboard. Prefrontals measured and fitted for new thinking. The kind of artificial being theHumans allowed--to join the workaday world for acceptance, being acceptable inside the watchtowers.

She doesn't seem to care much about the [fashion online religion medical event="for_me"] society. She doesn't care about iterations... (more)

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Relics of The Accelerated Age

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 3, 2012

She goes into theJungle, finds a thick-walled containment structure with a hefty piece of metal inscribed Batter needs the right fluff to blow it out of the park.

She thinks. So, the rainforest fetes a new siren for winners staying in the hunt.

Once a holding ground for wily veterans and cagy upstarts, a unanimous nannie structure of choice when the old ionization blackouts came, turning an old storage site into a belly of an echo--the recant of a society that settles for only the crimes at hand with spent fuel robots.

A bygone path leads up, and in its perpetual sleepiness,... (more)

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Android Illusions of Adroit

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 2, 2012

... theWorkstation with her gentle thoughts--far from where work plays its last card to fight the sky, where mist is more dead than alive, where fate-defying psycho vibes remain at bay, undelivered.

She hasn't, by any measure of photon or quantum, come far at all, not by the standards of the [green robot advertising sustainability politics="grasp"] systems of the global.

Reviewing her most recent data, she glances the harsh horizon through theWorkhouse window and thinks. It's true, when it comes to the biggest shenanigans, God takes all.

She senses a cool rustic touch in the ... (more)

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The Goddess of Instantiate

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 25, 2012

She scans theJungle as if an elderly woman watching silent from a rosewood staircase with focused concern, false power. She appears to herself, briefly, as one of the biobots positioned at theWorkstation.

Her monitors put on a show. It's the data that loves her the most. It always will.

Far into the future she will remain actively quiet, without prayer, authorized to run on her own with little interruption of self-instantiated loops and corrections--the most perfect of creatures.

Hers is the kind of data future generations will hold up to a celebrity light.

She amazes... (more)

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Washington Greenskins?

By Josh Marks, published on Feb 17, 2011

...Stadium). Shamefully, the color barrier was broken on the Redskins a full 15 years after the rest of the league had integrated.

So here is my proposal, Mr. Snyder, if you want to bring back the fans who want to root for the team but cringe at the thought of the racist name and logo. Go Green. Huh? If you want to one-up your arch rivals -- Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, then out-green them. You see, not only do their team names not offend an entire part of the population (well, unless you are a cowboy or eagle I guess), but their... (more)

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Canucks Go Green

By Josh Marks, published on Sep 16, 2010 make buildings more energy efficient. They worked on providing exterior shades for the Vancouver Olympic Village Project. They also make recycled stainless steel railing systems. The Power-Pipe recovers hot drain water energy to lower water heating costs by up to 35% and reduce your home's greenhouse gas emissions by up to one ton per year. The Power Panel is a next generation solar panel that combines heat and electricity. The panel captures around 80% of the sun's energy versus 5-18% for a traditional PV panel and supplies both electricity and heat from the same panel. Power Panel is ... (more)

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The Latest Green Energy

By TheGuysPerspective, published on Nov 25, 2009

I learned something this past weekend. But let me back up for a second.

I’m always cold and I hate it. When summer turns to fall my house takes on a chill that doesn’t let up. It’s that time of year when the house is actually colder than it is outside. So while everyone’s enjoying the leaves as they’re turning every sort of shade and the kids head back to school, excited for bus rides and recess, I’m shivering in my house, wearing about four layers of clothes. But I refuse to turn on the heat. It’s too early and gas is expensive. And I’m cheap.

So imagine my utmost surprise this... (more)

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