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Finding Healing

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Apr 19, 2014

Today I wake with a hunger

to search the valley

A place where birth lingers

with it's sacred memories

Instead I find voices of condemnation

wounds which left me bleeding, sticks and stones

Still I look for healing, grace, truth, reality beyond

the narrow confines of intolerance and judgement.....

Finding none...

I climbed the mountain summit

Where I had placed my hopes and dreams

Breathless with perseverance

Resolution and persistence my tools

Embracing only the shadow of what had been

once upon... (more)

Tags: life, healing, grace, strength, wounds, higher being

Lessons Through Pain

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 22, 2013

This tribulation planted

Instilled within my soul

Deeper than deep

Wider than forever

I tried through grace to

Dig it out, leave it shattered

On the path of benevolence

Poisoned with anger

Healed with love

Still swaddled uninvited

Choking my heart beats


Leaving me drenched

Cataclysm overflowing

Cascading torrents

A waterfall descending

Plummeting itself

Beyond the abyss

My eyes raining down

Mocking my song

Unsung in this affliction

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Tags: life, pain, grace, lessons, burned bridges

Too Deep For Tears

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 13, 2013

Come close to the edge of breathe and time

Held safe by the strand of a woven thread of faith...

Faltered on shaky knees yet your footsteps

Strengthened by the spirit witnessing placement ...

Beyond anything of this world

Echoes of an unknown past...

Guided simply by your own "knowing"

Wrapped gently in unconditional acceptance...

Manifesting within what your instinct tells you

Surrendered while leaping off a cliff...

Have you wept out your disappointments

Your sorrows, with mournful groans...

All the while... (more)

Tags: faith, grace, hope, tears deep

God's Promise

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Sep 12, 2013

I am looking for you

Yes, YOU

The person hiding

Behind closed doors

Lost in loneliness

Afraid of life's burdens...

Let me tousle your hair

Making you smile

Gently wiping aside

Your tears flowing

From the cruelness

Life has given you....

Yes, I am looking for you

Standing alone in that place

We all have stood

At times feeling total lose

Betrayal beyond everything

Humanly endured ...

I see you

Alone in the crowd

No one knowing

Or caring to... (more)

Tags: grace, light, smile, darkenss, god's gift to us

The Tapestry Of Life

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Aug 6, 2013


Ride in the chariot of your dreams

Drawn by our heart's longings

Unlocking the key to our hearts

To play a symphony of endless happiness...

This is the tapestry of our lives

Unfold it safely

Cherish each moment

Honor it's sacred grace

Breathe it's magnificence

Color the textures

In radiance and love...

The tapestry of life

Woven in surrender

As elusive as love is

To a thirsty heart's longing

Weaved within unending

Blessings fueled by

... (more)

Tags: life, soul, grace, journey, blessings, tapestry, longings


By Barbara MacDonald , published on Aug 2, 2013


No longer alone nor wanting

Benediction pronounced...

The love that flows through me

Eradicates the smoulder

Burnt, bitter taste from my mouth

Restoring the embrace

Of love, light , grace

Shining its healing power...

No longer in the valley

The hollow overflowing

Carrying me safely

Beyond any obstacle

Arriving at the summit

Bathed in serenity...

Drawing me closer to... (more)

Tags: grace, dawn, possibilities, summit, valley, beginnings

From Storms To Sunlight

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 24, 2013

...Tears cascade with endlessness insinuated lament seemingly eternal whimpers of longing*** For the avidity of the sun the caress of purity and innocence lost turning our tears to mist*** Rising within to be no erase forever with rebirth Of faith and hope rejuvenated strength grace undeserved*** Dancing and sparkling in our hearts... breaking forth warmth and peace*** Remember your storms carry them always let them turn your soul with empathy to envision and empower you to waft beyond *** Bringing sweet redemption gifted with love into the soul of the... (more)

Tags: life, grace, storms, lessons, strength, sunlight

Healing Hands

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Apr 23, 2013

...reign of silence and solitude...

Let me knell in veneration

Humbled by the breathe of Him

Who knows my heart...

In this womb of all that was

Meant to be my destiny

Gently touching these memories...

This moon soaked visage

Can not touch or reflect

Adorations of my life....

Held in free inspiration

Within this immaculate nightfall

The breathe of life...

Lifting this to the light

Longing for the bequest

Of eternal grace and tender healing...


Tags: grace, darkness, twilight, eclipse, adoration, healing hands, perfect solitude

Eternal Gratitude

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 13, 2013


My parched soul longing

Finding strength within this blessing

Eradicating all repentance

Discovering the eternal fountain of life...

The earth shuddered

Shaking to awaken my soul

The swell of tears released

Surrendered to God's love...

I float on this river

Blessed by abundant love

Embraced by His grace

Cleansed of all burdens...

Eagerly accepting this gift

Breathing benevolence

Transformed wings of joy

Eternal gratitude given birth to...


Tags: gifts, life, grace, storms, joy, gratitude, thirst

Moments of Grace Shining Through Stained Glass

By melanie jean juneau, published on Mar 1, 2013

“Everything is grace”Saint Therese of Lisieux

But how do we receive grace?

Simple. Everything about God is simple and natural. We are the ones in our pride who complicate our relationship to Him. Although Jesus surprised me by suddenly appearing in my life at 16, I tried too hard afterwards to grow in the spiritual life. I read all the complicated books on spirituality and then proceeded to strive and pray circles around myself. Finally exhausted and discouraged, I gave up and Jesus finally had an opening to shine the light of His love into my core self. When the light of... (more)

Tags: god, grace, simplicity

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