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Emergence of Dangerous World

By Uttam Gill, published on May 23, 2012

...of people they are, who just get together to loath an ordinary citizen of country. Do they have the divine right to impose their wisdom? From the filthy episodes of rampant corruption, we are picking up reason to question the validity of system. System which needs to preserve the sanctity of governance is rather facilitating crimes, in unimaginable way. It is not only happening in my country but rather entire world is engulfed in this malignant vice of non- governance. The mass agitations are turning into bloody quagmire. People aspirations are tossed upon disdainfully. Where we are heading ... (more)

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Say No To Hitler Style Relationships

By Barkha Dhar, published on Aug 15, 2011

If anybody had to get a hindsight of who Hitler was as a leader and as a person, then learning about him through his sayings would be a flashback of terror. Most of his quotes on waging a war, leadership and governance, revolutions, and struggle are passionate, but also pugnacious. Hitler seemed to be a man defined by extremism and belligerence, which may have been a boon to the Nazi rule. As a leader, Hitler would be always remembered as a great warrior and an authoritarian for whom victory was a battle of conquest. However, most of us may know little about him as a person. Walter S. Zapotoczny’s... (more)

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Patriotically Speaking

By Caballero_69, published on Aug 11, 2011

...I am an American citizen, a veteran, a Democrat and a supporter. The essence of my appeal is much broader than you or I. This concerns our country, our children, and everyone or everything we hold dear. The debacle of the debt ceiling debate and deal call into question the effectiveness of governance in the United States. As was demonstrated then, you face implacable foes that place nothing higher than your defeat. They have shown the citizenry and the world that their two-track strategy is divide and rule and rule or ruin.

Since your inauguration in January 2009, you have... (more)

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Something's Happening Here

By Caballero_69, published on Jul 28, 2011 political. Because the United States wages politics through a two party system, both major political are at fault. Despite the recent habit of asserting equivalency on many broadcasts and in some articles, while both parties share the blame for the dysfunction of American politics and governance, their culpabilities are different in kind and degree. “Think about what’s happening right now. We have a crisis in which the right is making insane demands, while the president and Democrats in Congress are bending over backward to be accommodating — offering plans that are all... (more)

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Patriotically Speaking

By Caballero_69, published on Jul 20, 2011

...purposes and principles for and upon which the Republic exists. America did not originate to start and sustain an “each for oneself free for all”. The Republic was not ordained and established to enrich the few by exploiting the many. Our polity exists to create an effective system of governance where both national and state level governments could act to secure the public good within their respective spheres of operations. None of the six purposes stipulated in the Preamble even hint at an aspiration to promote a plutocracy. The trend of the last three decades finds no... (more)

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Patriotically Speaking

By Caballero_69, published on Jul 7, 2011 frankly none of everybody’s business. Robert Bork is, in my opinion, mistaken in the explanation he provides for the trend he describes and decries, but he is accurate about the trend. Our political culture in particular is degenerating. Since the 2010 elections, the very process of governance at the federal level has been imperiled. Throughout the land, reactionaries are using newly won legislative majorities and governorships to repeal the social contract. We, the People, meanwhile divert our attention to sideshows and spectacles of no authentic national or political ... (more)

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Ode to Pat Toomey

By Caballero_69, published on May 19, 2011

When our would be leaders play tricks with the truth,

What will become of the idealism of youth?

If facts are not honored but subject to choice,

How will we ever speak with one voice?

If those appointed to know raise an alarm in response to the test

While elected rivals dismiss their concerns as a jest,

What will become of our country, our children and all of the rest?

Any of us with a smidgen of sense see the peril that looms,

However, partisans prevaricate in crowded speech rooms.

As economic catastrophe hurtles our way,

“No... (more)

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