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Google Takes Another Step Forward with Cars

By TedLevin, published on Jan 7, 2014

In recent news, Google decided to partner with car makers Audi, Hyundai, GM, Honda, and chipmaker Nvidia to bring Android into cars. What does this news mean for the typical smartphone user?

Google has taken enormous strides in developing convenient and seamless ways to transfer information with a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone without losing any personalized preferences or information. All of these devices sync and create an incredibly convenient experience.

Yet, this same approach hasn’t been accessible in vehicles. The growing awareness against using smartphones while driving... (more)

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Why does google insist on punching bloggers in the face?

By thebritishmenu, published on Aug 26, 2013 screen in the hope that few or many will read them. Also like many I have this un realistic idea that I should be able to do just that without any form of punishment, I mean it's not like I'm doing anything wrong is it?

So why then does the giant internet eating machine that is google want to penalize the hard working blogger for no apparent reason, and if there is a reason then why not use the novel and new invention of communication, something which normally begins with opening the mouth and exhaling breath over the larynx to form words, or in this case an email, a... (more)

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Travel is Education

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 9, 2013

Someone told me that with Google Earth, Wikipedia and other instant information tools readily at our fingertips these days, there was no longer a need to travel to foreign places to get a sense of culture, language, food, geography and all the other elements that a trip outside of one’s physical boundaries provide. While armchair travelling has never had it better, I beg to differ with these pundits of inertia.

I recently wrote a novel set in a part of France I had never visited (my travels in that country up to that point had been limited to Paris and environs). With the assistance... (more)

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Google : Thou Shalt Do No Evil

By TonyBerkman, published on Sep 2, 2010

Business Op-ed

Does Google wield such massive power over the search market that their practices are quite questionable? Personally, I feel that their actions towards a partner site - one that I own, indicate that they are.

This wasn't the first time that I have had a Google "experience", however this most recent time had a massive impact on people's lives, including their relationships, their jobs and their health. Yet despite the cost, like every challenge we have in life, there is always a gift. Google's gift to my company is that they made us stronger, better and able... (more)

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